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Understudies at this school are gaining progressively scholarly ground starting with one evaluation then onto the next contrasted with understudies at different schools in the state.

The Mission of Eagle Peak Montessori School is to give understudies the chance to get training established on the instructive reasoning of Dr. Maria Montessori. This school is plan to advance an instructive climate that energizes financial and social decent variety by giving all understudies the chance to get a quality government funded training. The point is to prepare every one of the understudies with the abilities, information and qualities to take an interest definitively in the pluralistic universe of the 21st century.

Amazing school teaching the entire tyke. It merits each moment of you and your kids' time!

Exceptional school. A sanction school in the Mount Diablo Unified School District. The staff are awesome and the network of kids, staff, guardians and graduated class are simply amazing.

Incredible school. By a long shot superior to most in the region.

The whole school network is strong and kids are presented to considerably more that the guardians could have envisioned. Human expressions, patio nursery, Spanish, and PE programs are stunning. The educators and school Principal are about the children they know every single kid. This school is unique and shows incorporation and regard for every understudy. It appears as though every understudy will use for the things they learn at this school for the remainder of their lives!

The vision of Eagle Peak Montessori moves the school network to trust that a superior world can be worked by helping all kids create to their fullest human potential.

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