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A superb network and city. The city significantly underpins the Arts Center which houses three theaters and a craftsmanship exhibition. A brilliant assortment of exhibitions are displayed here from unrecorded music to live theater.


Stunning, convincing execution of The Diary of Anne Frank. It was a magnificent presentation by all. I exceedingly prescribe this play to anybody! BRAVO! 

Extraordinary area in downtown Walnut Creek. They have shimmering lights on the trees and the entire spot is warm and welcoming. Stopping in the open carport is generally secured by a little expense for occasions. Eateries are in strolling separation. Extraordinary night!

First class the whole distance! Incredible provincial theater. Bunches of assortments. 

Pearl of the East Bay. Superb programming, incredible office, and easy stopping. A gigantic asset for the whole East Bay. 

The Lesher Center for the Arts is an extraordinary asset for the Walnut Creek people group. They appear to persistently have fascinating occasions and specialists. Certainly, worth looking at. 

Fantastic scene for live theater. Cordial staff. Their auditorium is great for the more personal plays and improvisational theater that they offer. 

The performance center is alluring, clean and the staff have dependably been useful and well disposed. There's a parking structure nearby and loads of cafés inside strolling separation.


Stunning!!! What a decent encounter. The stage was decent, the on-screen characters excellent. The entire experience marvelous, enchantment. 

It's such a warm domain and the representatives are all around agreeable just as supportive. It is an extremely decent venue to visit. The spot is dazzling! 

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