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Mount Diablo is the Diablo range, set in Contra Costa, east of Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. It is to the north of Clayton and Danville to the south. It is an isolated 3,849 meter peak, which can be seen most of the Bay of San Francisco. Mount Diablo appears to be a double pyramid from many angles with numerous subsidiary peaks, the largest and nearest one being the other half, North Peak, almost as high as 3557 feet (1,084 m), with the main summit about one mile to the north.

It's been a long time since the idea of having a museum or visitor center on Mount Diablo. Before Mount Diablo, the ones who visited the mountain top by the road, wagon and horse riding reflected on the importance of providing a facility on the top of the mountain to explain the mountain's magnificent view and its natural history.

In 1921 Mount Diablo was made into a park. It was one of the seven state parks established before creation of the California State Park system, operated by the Mount Diablo State Park Commission. In 1928, it passed its first State Park Bond Act. In 1931, 1500 hectares were owned by state authorities as Mount Diablo State Park, primarily through local interest and strong lobbying by local groups. Many of the local interest groups formed to support the park acquisition continued to support the additional park expansion and facilities construction. The creation of an interpretive center on the top of the mountain was a mutual concern held by all classes. Although support from the Ministry of Parks and Recreation was strong, there was little, if ever, chance of public funds for such an establishment throughout the country in the midst of the Great Depression.

Impressive displays chronicle and show the beauty of the mountain 's history. The geological forces that created the mount are explored by a rock wall with an instructive picture. The panels portray the region's indigenous American history. An overview of the ecosystems of the park is provided with a diorama with native sounds. A mountain model familiarizes tourists with main park locations. The visitor's experience is enhanced by splendid photos. A gift shop and audio-visual space are included in the Summit center. Through the lower floor of the upper museum floor and viewing roof, a lift is open. At the edge of the Welcome Desk check-in.

Telescopes are placed on the deck to enjoy one of the world's finest views. On the step to the observation deck on the circular stairway, visitors are given the opportunity to view ancient fossils in the sandstone walls of a summit. The value of Mt. Diablo as a survey is recalled in the rotunda. Over the rotunda is a beacon, significant traditionally for aviators, which is now lighted once a year at Pearl Harburg on December 7, in memory of people who died.

This amazing museum is perfect for active kids and is located near the following must-see museums near Walnut Creek, California:

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short drive from our location near Downtown Walnut Creek, California on Locust Street. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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