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What Do Website Designers Charge?

Usually, web designers charge around $75 per hour. A business website could theoretically cost from $5,000 to $10,000, with the estimated cost of setting up, planning, constructing and developing content for a simple website being $6,760. This number covers repairs and customer training as well. According to the Website Designer Specialist, custom websites would cost more. Either by the hour or a flat fee per project, web designers charge.



About $75 per hour is received by fairly trained freelance web designers. However, according to CSS-Tricks, this figure may differ.


The Website Builder Expert reports that it costs $30 to $80 per hour to design a website and $100 to $180 per hour to create it.


Usually, freelancers pay a higher premium than in-house web designers because they do not receive health insurance and other benefits earned by workers. Freelancers have a lot less job security as well. From contract to contract, they go. A higher rate compensates them for the lack of clients' long-term dedication.


A few factors decide whether more or less than $75 per hour is paid by a freelancer:


  • Projects for pets. A freelancer might give a lower rate to a nonprofit, a friend or family.

  • Duration of project. A slightly lower hourly rate may be expected for long-term projects.

  • Difficulty of mission. Are you going to need a programmer, developer or graphic designer's help? Upload more. Is the project identical to another project you've done? If much of your past work can be copied and pasted, charge less (unless you don't want to).

  • Recount the tab. More design pages means more work. Extras, such as a blog or an e-commerce component, may also cost more.

  • Degree of Engagement. Consider lowering your price if you can just put in a few hours of work here and there instead of committing to the project full time.

  • A new client or an old one. In order to land the project, some web designers would charge a new customer less, although this might set a bad precedent.



Clients love to pay flat rates to web designers because they know exactly how much they're going to pay upfront. Freelancers of web design hate flat rates because, according to CSS-Tricks, you can never be 100 percent sure how long a project will take, especially if the client asks for endless changes.

Before offering costs, it's a good idea to query the client thoroughly to make sure you understand their budget and project specifications.


Here's a simple web design price list:

  • Configuration: $160

  • Project and architecture: $5,000

  • Production of content: $500

  • Client Training: $600 dollars

  • Maintenance: 500 Maintenance:

  • Total: 6,760 dollars


According to Website Builder Expert, the total cost of basic website construction by a freelance website designer is $6,760. Only the first year covers this cost.


That said, each expense can differ. Depending on website domain cost and other variables, setup will cost as little as $50 and go as high as $200. A custom website design would have a minimum cost of $5,000 and can go upwards of $10,000.


Depending on how much content the customer needs, content production ranges from $500 to $5,000. And it costs between $500 to $1,000 for the yearly expense of website maintenance.

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