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What is a Practitioner Listing in Google My Business (GMB)?

Can your business have more than one  Google listing? Yes! Google allows practitioner listings for individuals along with the place of business! Think doctor in a medical clinic, dentist in a dental practice, lawyer, architect, real estate agent, massage therapist, etc. This could bring your firm double the amount of local leads and even multiple spots in the Google 3 Pack! Check out this podcast for the details!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey Jamie, how's it going?

Jamie:    Super cool. Super hot.

Adam:    That's super hot and smoky here.

Jamie:    Very hot smoky here. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Adam:    It's California in the summer now.

Jamie:    Well, you know, it is fall. So I did put out the Halloween decorations today. So it's October too. Well, because no, we don't get trick or treats doesn't mean it can't be all halloween.

Adam:    Yeah, that's true. That's very true. I'm ready to start this week's episode. How about you?

Jamie:    Always ready?

Adam:    Okay. So this week we're going to talk about something that probably no one really knows about, and that is a practitioner listing on Google. Hmm. Did I just blow mind? You don't know what -

Jamie:    Makes me want to Google it, but I have to turn everything off so I can't Google it. I don't do that.

Adam:    You probably know as a business owner, you have a Google my business listing for your business. Now what Google also approves is it's called a practitioner listing. So think of a business that has multiple practitioners, multiple specialists working in that business. So think a dental clinic, it has multiple dentists at that office or a lawyer or a law firm. I should say they have multiple lawyers. They're on architect, same kind of thing. A real estate agency,

Jamie:    Car repair yeah, body transmission, block building -

Adam:    No, sorry. That's -

Jamie:    Auto body, not a separate category?

Adam:    I guess you could. Yeah, actually auto body, as long as your practitioner listing is a mechanic, then yes, you can probably do. You can get away with it. It basically what it is. These are Google approved listings for people who have some kind of authority themselves. So the only exception to this would be is if you're a one person business. So if you're a chiropractor where you're the only chiropractor at that office is going to probably suspend any practitioner listing, but if you're a firm or a clinic then these are well accepted to make a practitioner listing for your business. So basically what you would do is have two separate Google, my business listings, which theoretically what that means is you'll get even more leads for your business because now you're going to have to Google my business listings that both of them can appear in that Google three pack for the same or similar terms, which is awesome.

Jamie:    So, two out of the three Google three pack you could be listed in?

Adam:    Yeah. I've seen that many times, many, many, many, many, many, many times. And if they both have tons of reviews, I mean, it's a no brainer. You've just taken out all of your competition except for one that doesn't usually have any reviews at all. So if you are in one of these industries, like a doctor, a dentist, lawyer, stuff like that, you want to make sure that you have seriously consider creating a Google my business practitioner listing. Now, once you do that though, there's some things that you want to make sure you remember to do. And one is you cannot have both of those Google listings refer back to the same homepage. So you want to make sure that you're, if you're a practitioner listing, you have to have a page on your website specifically for that practitioner.

Jamie:    How about the same? Yeah. How about the same address though?

Adam:    Same address is totally fine. This is all within Google's rules, their terms of service. Totally following it completely. So you just want to make sure. So the reason I say that you want to have different website addresses for these, you can have your main homepage or your location for your main listing for the practitioner. You want to link that directly to that person's page on your website. It makes sense. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. The reason is of course, as always, we say, if you confuse Google, you're going to lose. All right. So that means having those two separate pages listed on those two separate listings. Boom, you have it. So you're not confusing.

Jamie:    They're walking on a fine line though.

Adam:    Uh, it's fine. It's it's following Google's terms of service, so that's all I'll keep going back. These are totally approved listings. And it's great. If you're a real estate agent, for example, now when you move to another agency, you can take that Google listing with you and you shouldn't. Yeah. If you are a hair and you work in a hair salon, you are an independent contractor, I guess it depends on if you are not in California, AB five, yea. Anyway, if if you are a hairstylist, for example, you can make a practitioner listing for a hairstylist and have it as the same address, different phone number, of course. And if you have a website, you have a different website, bam. You're not confusing Google. Now, one thing you want to always make sure though, you don't pick the same categories for those two different Google listings. So if you are an architect, you want to make sure that your practitioner listing has architect as your category and then your business would be architecture firm. So see how that, that will not confuse Google. Their categories are close, but they're not the same. So totally fine.

Jamie:    Yeah. I do see that on Google pretty often actually there'll be two listings like for tax preparation and then CPA, same, same business.

Adam:    Make sure that tack yeah, you just want, you want to make sure that one is the umbrella, right. Dental clinic and then one is the practitioner dentist. Okay. you can do that for, you can think of that for all kinds of businesses. And if your business has multiple practitioners, multiple specialists in it, it behooves you to consider doing this. It's really tough to monopolize that three-pack though, just so you know, if there's a lot of competition, Google does have filters that filter these out, but that more listings, when you click on that, it'll have a line of, of businesses. Definitely you'll be in there. So one other thing to keep in mind is because there are two separate listings. Now you have to get reviews for both listings and you have to do that. So it's, I know it's a hassle, but reviews are what drives that Google three pack and the click through rate.

Adam:    So make sure you have those. It makes sense.

Jamie:    It makes sense.

Adam:    All right. Then also of course, that practitioner listing, you want to make sure that you are registering that listing that practitioner page on your website with they're called niche specific directories. So this would be like if you're an attorney it's called, [inaudible] a V V O it's a attorney directory site. Healthgrades is another one for doctors and dentists. You just want to make sure that, that on those directory listings, you're linking back to that practitioner page on your website and not your main site. So the reason we're doing that is because we're building authority for your practitioner listing when we're doing stuff like that. Nice. Yep. There you go. That's, that's why, if you're in one of these industries, you should really consider having a practitioner listing, understand that when you do there's some check boxes you got to go through, so you don't confuse Google, make sure that you like as always fill out everything on that Google listing for both your business and the practitioner and the more you do it, the more authority and reputation you're going to get.

Adam:    And the more calls you're going to get.

Jamie:    Oh yeah. Oh, lots of questions. All right. So in the past you've also said a, we can't violate the nap name, address, phone number, right. We need to keep that consistent. If you're like going back to my tax preparation example, could you have, you know John Smith, CPA tax preparation, John Smith, CPA, bookkeeping, John Smith, CPA, CPA, or tax strategy, something like that.

Adam:    Okay. So what you want to do is business name, colon name of the practitioner colon. So that's yeah, the Google kind of it, it's not standardized, but it is standardized. Google's not gonna they're not going to kick you off of the Google, my business, most likely for not following this, but you want to, that that's kind of the accepted is the business name, colon, and then the name of the practitioner.

Jamie:    Okay. And if you're in like a really diverse industry, the only, the only business that comes to mind is like the Mexican drug cartel. So then now they're not only bringing in marijuana, they're bringing in avocados and mangoes and, you know, grapes and everything under the sun. What would you be your advice for the cartel?

Adam:    Peace out, everybody. Thank you very much for listening. No, I think what I think what you're trying to say is say you're like a medical spa and you have different practitioners within that medical spa. I would have practice.

Jamie:    That's another example..

Adam:    Medical spa would be my main category for the business. And then you'd have like, you know, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist you know, S petition w and then whatever else goes on in one of those. So those would be your practitioner listings. So that's how you would kind of structure that. It does take some mental kind of imagination and, you know, some preparation to do this correctly. But if it does, you know, think about your spa and then how many practitioners are working on people, it could consider this strongly it could really help in your lead generation for your business. Awesome. Yeah. That's why I recommend it. That's all I got for today.

Jamie:    All right. Well, if you enjoy this episode and even if you didn't but go ahead and share this with a business owner. Yeah.

Adam:    El Chapo. He's not one of my nevermind.

Jamie:    All right. Thank you.

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Adam:    Whoa, thanks a lot. Everybody have a great week.