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What Is The Best Free Website Builder?

There are plenty of choices for free construction and design of a website, many of which require little to no knowledge of coding. And these website builders, especially for small companies or personal brands, are often comparable in quality to their paying alternatives.


SEO advantages, embedded analytics systems, mobile optimization, and professional-looking models are provided by the free website builders we are sharing today. These are the next best thing if you're on a tight budget and can't quite swing the paying builders.


Let’s check out the top 5 website builders on this list.


1. Wix

Wix, with 110 million users, is one of the most popular free website builders out there. A quick drag-and-drop editor and a wide set of professional-looking models are available on the fully hosted site, which are well suited for small businesses, online retailers, restaurants, or personal portfolios.

To track your site, Wix provides built-in Google Analytics, and also offers additional apps for individual preferences. Wix can also build your site for you if you like. The only drawback of the free edition of Wix is that it doesn't come ad-free, and it will have a prominent Wix ad on each page of your web. Ad-free is an option only if you are paying for the premium edition.


2. Weebly

Web hosting, domain registration, web design, and even e-commerce functions are provided by this open source SaaS, making it ideal for companies and startups. Weebly is a website builder that is especially versatile, compatible with any computer and platform, and simple to use.

Weebly, like Wix, has drag-and-drop features, an integrated CMS solution, and HTML files that are hand-coded. The in-house editor comes with Google Analytics and SEO software. For e-commerce firms, Weebly is a smart option with PayPal integration, an automated tax calculator, digital gift cards, and more. And Weebly is ad-free, unlike some of its other free rivals.


3. WordPress

WordPress is a widely used free website builder that enables you to purchase a web domain as well. You can also run your site live with a WordPress-owned URL for those who don't want to pay for a domain.

You can create visually beautiful websites, blogs, and landing pages with WordPress, just like Wix and many of the other builders on this list. You can also put assets on several WordPress sites, including contact forms, images, and embedded content.

WordPress provides an easy-to-understand backend interface with minimal to no coding necessary for those who are less experienced in webpage design.


4. Elementor Website Builder

Although WordPress is a great site building option, it's nice sometimes to have a little support when you start designing from scratch. That is where a page builder for WordPress can be helpful.

Elementor is trusted by over 5,000,000 users as a drag and drop creator, and it's a great no-code tool to quickly get a WordPress site off the ground. You can select from hundreds of available templates with the Elementor page builder, customize them, and ensure that your site displays correctly regardless of device size. It's constructed with design in mind, and without thinking about the underlying code, you can create pixel perfect pages.


5. WebNode

For both personal brands and professionals, WebNode is a common option — it's simple to use, and you can build a website in a different language or on a different platform to fit the needs of your company. WebNode supports e-commerce stores, and Android, Mac, and IOS devices are compatible with the pages. WebNode can have statistics to monitor the progress of your site, free of charge, and you won't have advertising even with the free version.

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