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What is the Google Local 3 Pack?

In this week's episode we break down:

What is the Google Local 3 pack?

Why is it important to set your Google My Business listing?

How can I set one up for my business?

Link mentioned in the podcast for creating your own business listing: https://business.google.com/locations
Learn more about the Google Local 3 Pack and why it's an essential part of growing your online business.

Adam:    Hey Jamie. We're ready for another podcast. Yes, we are. I don't know. Are you ready? Are you amazed? All right. Today's agenda. Okay. So today we're going to be talking about answering the question. What is the Google local three pack? I have no idea. Oh, you don't know what that is actually? I'm sure you do. But the reason being because if you've ever searched for a service or a location on Google, you probably have seen the goat, the Google local three pack. So say for example you have, you're worried about your your estate plan. So what are you going to do?

Jaime:    Go Google estate planning attorneys and

Adam:    My area. Both done? Yeah. Or just, yeah, you could just do Google a estate planning attorney and the results that come up, you'll see a little map, right? And just picture this in your mind. You'll see a map and then you'll see three businesses below that. And those businesses will have, a lot of times they'll have stars next to their name. They'll have a link to their website, a link to maybe call them if it's on your phone. And then some some more information about each of those businesses. Have I lost you or do you, do you follow?


Jaime:    I follow. I just did a Google search while we're talking and for state attorneys in my area. And guess who came up?


Adam:    I don't know. No one. Oh, where do you live? What?


Jaime:    Nothing came up. But I mean it's a, Oh, hold on. Let me scroll back up because I see like this box where, Oh, there they are right there. So generally, you know, you're scrolling down because Google has all the ads.


Adam:    Yeah, that's true. Very good.


Jaime:    Not paid or, I mean, I don't want to pay, you know, I don't want people to pay to get my, I want to see who is, you know, the highest recommended in my area.


Adam:    Well, let me stop. Have you ever clicked on one of those Google ads? Yeah. You have. And so, and, and so you are one of the unicorns. So studies have shown actually that most people, they ignore those top ads because they know their ads. They know that there's no real there's no filtering system. Basically you pay to be there. And so there's some kind of distrust that's inherent in those listings. There's ads at the top and then a lot of times there's ads at the very bottom. So thank you for reminding me. Yeah. That there's underneath those ads, what do you see?


Jaime:    Oh, just all the things that have nothing to do with estate planning.


Adam:    So you see attorneys and you know, a lot of personal injury attorneys, a lot of attorneys. So the Google three pack though is that map listing and with the three results, usually three, sometimes four, because you can pay to be in that match pack as well. But anyway, point being is those are the three that Google has determined are the most reputable or basically they've, they've said that these are the most geographically relevant and the most authoritative results that they can give you. And a lot of times that will correspond to stars next to their name, which are the reviews. And that's kind of the first glimpse if you're in that three pack of people seeing your business. So it's super important to get in there because you can click if you're on your phone of course, and desktop you and click underneath that where it says more places and you'll see a whole bunch of more results.


Adam:    You'll see all of these results that might have really nothing in it. In the attorney realm. Google has so many categories for attorneys that and they're just trying to serve you. So they're, they'll put up bankruptcy attorney, they'll put up just attorney, they'll put up legal services. And of course family law. Those will always be up there. If you're looking a little smarter, well there's, what happens is yes, and there's a lot of segmentation on each market, but this works well for plumbers, electricians solar stuff like that. Attorneys too. You can find an estate planning attorney attorney pretty easily. And point being is getting into that. Google three-pack means that most likely if you're in that three pack, you're also going to have another organic listing underneath that. And most people are basically what, what search has kind of changed into is just they're just too pressed for time.


Adam:    And so they're most likely going to click on one of those listings in that three pack. And so we want to make sure that you're, that our clients or your business is in that three pack. And the reason is it's, it's really important because they're going to do more. That's where they can start their research about you, especially if you have more or double or triple the amount of reviews like we talked about before. And that's where they're going to click through to to find out more about your business. So that's why it's super important. Now do, do you know how to set one up for your business? I would Google it. That's true. That is definitely what you would do is how do I, this is called a Google my business listing. And so that if you don't know those, those words, Google my business, then now, yeah, you can just go to Google.


Adam:    You can also also just type in business.google.com and it'll come up. You can click when you type in those words into the, your your into your browser, Google will allow you to set up one for your business. And this is super important to okay, so super important to do just because what we're trying to do is give Google a way to categorize you. Google is basically just an algorithm and so they're always looking to put your business into a box that it can delineate your business and differentiate your business from others. So having a Google listing, starting that the process you'll put in your business, your business name, phone number address. If you have a website, they'll give you a bunch of options to put in stuff. Then once you click submit, you'll be, have created your business listing on Google. They'll send you a postcard to that address and then you're going to have to verify that address with that postcard and that number. So it's pretty simple. I guess you went through this for your company.


Jaime:    Yeah, a few times because of course, you know, it takes a few tries to get it to, you know, where you are actually showing up in the Google three pack and Oh, yeah. So it's, it's a big bit of a process and especially if you're in a competitive industry but it's been hugely important.


Adam:    Well, just creating the listing itself. Usually that, that verification process takes about five to seven days. Then once you type in that code, it takes anywhere from three days to a week for them to actually start showing your listing. And then once that happens, then you start, the biggest thing that I recommend that every business does is fill out everything. So everything on that dashboard that Google gives you the ability to, to fill out, fill it out. So your services, your products, your appointment. Your S if you have a scheduling link Google will even allow you, they'll take all of that information at the end when you put that, all that stuff in and they'll make, you can click on making a Google site for your business and that's a one page site. So all of these things help and there's at least 400 plus things to do, but the most important is getting that listing. So that's what we want to focus on today. That getting that Google three pack listing, the first step is getting that listing, verifying where your location is.


Jaime:    Okay. Yeah, I just pulled up my estate attorney listings and probably only about half of them have actually done anything with the Google my business.


Adam:    Yeah. it's crazy. But also you're in a countryside, so sorry. But in bigger cities in, in any city actually of any size where there you're going to find a state planning attorneys or any, any business that's any, in any competitive sector, this is what they, they have woken up to the fact that this is money. So having one of these getting it ranked in that Google three pack a means you're going


Jaime:    To get more qualified leads more phone calls to your business. Great. Well, it seems like a no brainer. I don't know why everyone wouldn't do it. Me too. All right. Oh, let's see. What else is on the agenda? That was it for today, Dale. We want to make sure that we wrap it up in 10 minutes. Okay. All right. Good job. Yeah, the last one. No, I'm way too long. All right. Awesome. Any parting words, Adam? No, that's all. Thank you. All right, well, thanks for joining us and make sure to subscribe, make sure to rate us on Apple iTunes, and let us know if you have any questions at our Facebook page of local SEO intent. Thanks a lot, JV. You're welcome. All right.