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What is Yelp Connect and Should You Consider It?


In this week's episode we discuss:
The new feature Yelp rolled out to businesses called Yelp Connect.


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Adam:  Hey Jamie.

Jamie:  Ready for another exciting episode of local local SEO in 10.

Adam:  Yes, I am actually, I want to today to talk to you about something brand new that Yelp has brought to us. Awesome. What is this? It's called Yelp connect and Yelp connect. We're gonna talk about today is what is it and should, as a business owner consider it. So I think Jamie, you've had some experience setting this up for your company just to try it out. But what, what Yelp connect is, is basically a, it's like a Facebook feed on your Yelp app. So businesses are allowed to are actually encouraged to put up updates, specials, anything new pictures of their food, pictures of their products. Right now the Yelp connect seems to be aimed squarely at restaurants. And so what they, what they say is that restaurants now when they're paying for this service they'll put up an update.

Adam:  And then when a person who has shown interest in their business or are in their neighborhood, which is interesting, they will get some kind of alert or they'll get some kind of advertisement from you or from your business saying, Hey, we have this new special,uand restaurant owners and business owners. They're fully able to control their updates, put as many as they want,uup time-sensitive stuff, anything. Uand what they're trying to do is make kind of bring in the Facebook part of,utheir business. So Google has tried to do this with Google posts,uand now Yelp is trying to do to do this as well.

Jamie:  Yeah. It's it's, it, I think it could be really good, especially if customers are looking, you know, trying to make a decision about a business, you know, having some more information about their, you know, from the actual company could make it you know, could make it really beneficial.

Adam:  Yeah. it could be I'm concerned about their alerts. So if they're so [inaudible] they're, it's pretty vague right now about when you post an update to your business who sees that update? It's pretty vague about how they decide how Yelp decides, you know, they say previously shown interest in your business. So that I guess could mean something. Somebody has written a review for you maybe checked into your business. Other than that, I don't know what else maybe called your business through the app. These are ways of tracking people. So the, the one, the other thing that kind of sticks out is it's going to target people who are in your neighborhood, which is I don't that that geo fencing part of a social media, it's kind of like the promise land. Like this is what marketing people have been demanding. But it's just not ever, other than Snapchat, it's not really been shown to be doable. It's really tough. Really, really tough.

Jamie:  Well, you know, I'm on, when we signed up for it for my company, we're seeing it like, so somebody goes to our Yelp page, they can actually see the the updates that we've posted, right. But may not be for, you know, where Facebook has a page where people can like it and then they get those updates regularly. This is kind of more, at least initially it looks like it's for prospective clients that they can actually see any, you know, it's just more information on the business. It can be a closed project. It can be, like you said, a restaurant special you know, disco night or something like that. And it can just show some community or cause it does allow you to post links and pictures. So I think there's more potential because I, I'm, I was signed up for it because while we do have a Facebook page that develops our kind of, our image with our internal, you know, our, our current clients, the yell plan really brings in a lot of prospective clients. So we're kind of looking at that too. So I think it's I think really Yelp's not really sure what to do with it yet and how it's gonna work, but I think it will evolve.

Adam:  Well. just so everyone knows, Jamie runs a, an amazing solar company. And so this putting out these updates it to new people, to people who are thinking about going solar. I think it, it is another way to reach out to them. I think Yelp is saying that it's currently available for 199, but early adopters can do it for $99 per month. I want to see how this shakes out because yeah, it could have a really big impact on prospective clients. So that's awesome. So that that is one of its major one of the major benefits of it. So potentially with Facebook the, when you have someone like your page or your, like your business page, basically what we're seeing for organic reach is usually around, if you're lucky, 10 to 15% of your audience. So with Yelp, with these updates that they're allowing us to put on their on our page, I'm hoping that that will be not 10 to 15%, but it'd be awesome if it was like Facebook used to be where it went to 80 or 90% of people who've shown interest in your business that, I mean, that would be well worth the $99 or $200 per month just because with Facebook now, the only way to reach those people is to pay and that, and you're like you said, you're, you're generally only getting well you're targeting people or trying to, anyway this one, the targeting aspect of it is really interesting and the, the potential to reach all of those people who haven't done business with you yet.

Adam:  That's what's cool. So I, I guess, yeah, Jamie, you've convinced me I'd recommend if you have a business and you want to see how this goes out, goes up, goes on, try it for a couple of months, see if it brings in some new business. It should pay for itself pretty easily. Even if you're a solar company, I would think this would be a no brainer.

Jamie:  Are you going to be rolling it out to your current clients?

Adam:  I'll, I'll recommend to I'll have to go through, but yes, definitely. This sounds like an interesting, it's, it's an experiment. But we want to, like I talked about earlier, we want to see how it actually shakes out. So yeah, the targeting is really important. I'd want to have something written as opposed to some conversation with a Yelp person. Something we don't really know. Well, yeah. So that, that's the thing. I'd want something, something written that says exactly how this works so that way we can, we can figure it out. It's not just a one button click to upgrade and then now you trust that this is happening. The targeting. That's what I want more information on.

Jamie:  Yeah. I think it's going to evolve. So I think that would be good. And yeah, we'll see how it goes.

Adam:  But it has I know Google tried it with Google plus or with G plus they tried to get into this area. Now they're trying to get again with Google posts on your Google my business listing. And now Yelp is trying it through this through their their app. But all have fallen to Facebook. So that's, Facebook has this, has this market. So it's, it's interesting. Maybe an early adopters will be able to kind of mine this the Yelp audience. I hope so. It's interesting.

Jamie:  Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited to see, you know, I'm glad Yelp isn't just doing the same old same old, although yeah, we could go on for Yelp in another topic another time, but thank you. We're going to wrap it up for today. All right, sounds good. Excellent. Great episode. A great knowledge and a, yeah, maybe we can just share this one with the help too and maybe we'll get set up, get some feedback from them directly to me on this. That would be awesome. So make sure to like a review and rate the local SEO and seven podcasts, especially on Apple podcast. That'd be great. Definitely helps. The more more ratings to get, the more people see it. So let's get this information out there.

Adam: All right, great. Thank you everybody have a great day.