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What Makes a Good Business Description on Google?

In this episode we explore the exact details business owners need to include in their

Google My Business descriptions in order to rank higher in search results.  

This is an often-ignored part of your profile that is extremely important, so don't miss this episode!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey Jamie.

Jamie:    All right. Another episode of local SEO in 10.

Adam:    That's right. Coming at ya Covid strong.

Adam:    I don't know what that means, but Covid is very strong in your house or something, but it's strong in the world. Jamie, there's a pandemic going on. Hello.

Jamie:    I understand that no one knows how to get it. No one knows how to get rid of it. But I'm sure you have some great advice for business owners who cannot open their doors.

Adam:    Uh actually for every business owner, this is a good one. It's actually really basic, but it's something that I see over and over and over that new clients, it's the mistake that they've made that hasn't helped them. That's mistake actually has probably cost them a lot of business. So I wanted to go through today. What makes a good business description for your Google my business listing.

Adam:    It's a mouthful. I know, but basically it's that description that you type in that tells people that pops up when people find your business on Google. So really, really important for a number of reasons. And so I wanted to go through, just have, I have a list of do's and don'ts that are really, really important for business owners to know when they're writing that business description. It makes sense.

Jamie:    Yeah, definitely because Google never has anyone's business correct on there.

Adam:    Well you have to choose that yourself, but then once you do that, then you have to do some stuff in that description that supports that. So it's, it is it's, it's sad that really there is no, you know, you can look on Google and they'll say, Hey dude, this, this and this. But what we found through a lot of testing, a lot of trial and error are what we'll go through today.

Adam:    Okay. So first, whatever your category is, you know, you've gone through the trouble of choosing your category and so now you have that category. That's something that you want to mention within your business description. So the reason you want to reinforce that is because that helps with Google. Once again, knowing what your business does. So it's, it reinforces that category, that category choice. Next thing. You don't need to include the name of your business. So that is you only have 750 characters within which to write your message. So that's super valuable. Real estate people already can see your business name right above there. So don't need to say that. We at magnified media focus on these. You just say we focus on these three. So it's, I know it's a, it's kind of a no brainer, but you'll see in some tutorials about how to do this, how to write this description correctly.

Adam:    They'll write, they'll say, write your name unnecessary in my opinion, and just a waste of valuable space. So other you want to talk about, you want to say exactly what you do and where, what's the name of your city that you're located in? And if you're in a big city, you want to have your neighborhood, your neighborhood is another location identifier that Google pays attention to. So you want to have your city name or even if it's even fi, if your city is so large that you have multiple neighborhoods, you know, and you're in San Francisco and your business is located in Pacific Heights. You want to say we're located in Pacific Heights or based in Pacific Heights. So you have what you do, where you're located, and then who exactly you serve. So if you're a B2B, you want to write B2B. If you are a B to C, you want to say, you know, serving clients or serving customers in this area or doing such and such. Makes sense.


Jamie:    Yeah. My same question though.

Adam:    What's, that was a long time ago.

Jamie:    My question is why did they never get it right? I mean it's, it seems that this is all very basic stuff. So how does Google still not figure out what you know, there's different category codes that are out there and yet, right, if there's somebody that's invented a new business, so let's just call them a life coach. You know, is there a, there may be a life coach category. Now what I'm saying, when it just came out, there's no life coach category. That's right. That's why I'm saying Google. Okay.

Adam:    If you can't find your category, and in our previous episodes we talked about a website, it's called plepper P L E P E R.com. They have a Google category list, which seems to be updated regularly.

Jamie:    I remember looking at this and getting even more frustrated with it.

Adam:    It's if you're a business coach, for example, there's no business coach listing, there's no category for that. So you can be a, I think a business consultant is what you're categorized as, which kind of aggravates business coaches. I could see. So, and you can either say your category or actually what you do. So I think if you're, if it's more common that someone is going to type in business coach as opposed to business consultant than just, right. But then in your description, don't say both. Just say you can have it. The very first thing would be business coach located in whatever, whatever, wherever, city serving executive level business leaders by doing whatever, whatever, whatever. All right. You just, you want to keep what you do, who you serve, and where you're located in that first part of your description. So don't include any URLs, no websites no, you know, no crazy words.

Adam:    You don't want to know. Swear words. Don't talk about drugs. Don't talk about these kinds of things are they are considered vice words on Google and you know, that's a great, easy road to suspension. Don't do for store then don't put, I sell weed at my liquor store.

Jamie:    Okay. California, man. Can I do this while we're talking and then I can pull up my,

Adam:    Oh no, hold on. I got more, I got more. So don't include any you know, 50% off discount, any kind of stuff like that. For some reason, Google does frown upon any kind of special offer being put into that description. Another one you know, some people will say putting your phone number, I think that's a big waste of space again, because your phone number is another part of your Google my business information already.

Adam:    So why waste another space for that? So that's a good one. Let me see. Last one. Probably think about brands that you sell. So say for example, your a furniture center. You're a furniture store and you want to, you know that people are searching for specific brands when they're shopping, including some of those words in your description is gonna raise your rankings for when people locally search for that, for those brands. So that could result in you getting kicked up into that Google three-pack, which is a basically a giant signboard on the internet for people to call you. So getting into that, wow. That'll supercharge your marketing. It'll supercharge your phone calls. So you can put some, if you have well known brands that are associated with your business put in a couple of those the, you know, the most well known ones and that will help. Make sense? Alright, so Jamie has a CA a question for us.

Jamie:    Yes. Under advanced information. It shows store code labels and Google ads phones. So yes. Can you discuss those?

Adam:    Okay. Store codes this is a future use of Google. So basically those things are hidden. They don't have really affect any kind of SEO. So you can ignore those. You can put your keywords in there if you want. If you later on if you have a Google ad that's running, that's where you would put that Google ad. It actually would probably be done. It'll be done automatically for you cause you can, when you run Google ads, you can connect your Google my business listing to that to that ad that ad account. And that that's, it's actually a really good thing if you're doing Google ads for your local business, you do it through, you connect it to your Google my business platform.

Jamie:    Okay. And you had mentioned under products, you want to put the brands that you sell?

Adam:    Yes. But I'm talking about in the description. So if you click on info, you'll see a description that you can write about your business. So in there you can put some product names. If you have space, you know, you only have 750 characters. So you're going to have to go to like character counter.net and type in your description there. Make sure it's under 750 words anything over that Google won't accept. So just, it's better to just create this outside of the actual platform. The last thing I want to say though is don't, don't, don't keep updating your description. So Google, you know, it's a crazy beast, especially with your Google my business. If you change things in there, in that info panel you know, there's some big, big ones that are very scary because if you change them, it could automatically end up with a suspension.

Adam:    So if you change your phone number you know, be prepared for your listing to be suspended. If you change your address, it could get suspended. And you know, it's not like a 100% of the time it does that. It happens sometimes. So it's always a gamble. So when you have your description all typed up in another platform then open that description box, copy and paste, press save, and then, then you can you wait a couple days or wait an hour and hopefully your business wasn't suspended when you did that. So this is something you want to do. You want to take care of, you want to improve it, you want to write it out, then you want to put it in there, set it and then don't touch it again.

Jamie:    Got it. All right. Sounds good. Sounds like a lot of you don't make a mistake, don't touch the red wire.

Adam:    It's frustrating when it happens. I'll tell you that. That's why if you're, so just don't do it a lot and especially with your description, you just, you can update it, but very sparingly and that's probably another reason why they don't want you to be putting offers in there. There's other parts of your profile where you can do offers, you can do products like you talked about, you can do services. It's all depending on what type of business you are. But in that description we want to put on you want to have those dues that I went over and then the don't you want, you don't want to do those.

Jamie:    All right, that sounds great. Anything else you wanted to,

Adam:    Nope, that's all. That's all I got for today.

Jamie:    All right, sounds good. So make sure to share this podcast out. This is all great information and like Adam said, this is really for every business. So if you're, I want to be found on Google, this is all great information. Make sure to check our Facebook page, local SEO in 10 and around LinkedIn, and make sure to rate and review however you listen to us.

Adam:    All right. Thanks everybody.

Jamie:    Have a great week!