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What Makes a Good Google Review

Check out this week's episode for some excellent tips on how to make your reviews more powerful and as SEO-optimized as they possibly can be!

Bonus tip for those with a service area business, add tons of photos!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hello Jamie.

Jamie:    All right. Another local SEO in 10. A little bit late.


Adam:    A little bit late, but better late than never. We're okay.


Jamie:    That's right. I'm sure everyone, how many complaints have you been getting that people didn't get it on time?


Adam:    I've actually, Jamie, surprised to hear, I'm sure I had a few emails from people actually wanting to be on the podcast and when they can be on. So maybe on a future episode we'll be listening or interviewing some interesting people.

Jamie:    Very fun!


Adam:    Wooho!


Jamie:    Alright.


Adam:    Yes.

Jamie:    Alright, so what's what's in your bag of tricks this week?

Adam:    All right. Today I want to talk, talk about what makes a good Google review. So right now during the shelter in place time in America, Google actually stopped showing new reviews. You could post a review, but it wouldn't appear on the profile for that business. Now, recently, within the last week or so, those reviews are coming back. So they're getting, they're getting posted. It depends on your industry. It just, it's a, who knows if they're going to be posted on your business. But if people have been writing reviews, most likely they just haven't been disappearing. They will show up. And so just so you know, if you're writing a Google review right now for one of your favorite businesses, it might not show up right away, but it might, it's, it's so crazy right now with Google.

Jamie:    One showed up on my business.

Adam:    Yeah, mine too. And these were reviews that were written a month ago. So, Hey, what are you going to do?

Jamie:    Just like this podcast. Better late than never.

Adam:    Yeah. Well now, so I wanted to give you some good tips to when you write a review or when you might ask for a review, some good tips that are, that Google's looking for, especially for local businesses and that these make a great review. So are you ready?

Jamie:    I am ready.

Adam:    Okay. So it's always nice to do a before and after. So before I went to such and such a coffee shop, I didn't know what good coffee was. Something like that. So you explain, you start off with what happened before. Okay. Then now that you've used that service, everything changed. Everything's awesome. You can use some keywords in there that they might enjoy. So if you're, I don't know, an electrician, you would use words like electrical repair, stuff like that. So next you want to talk about exactly what service was completed for you. Then you want to write, you want to write in the city that you're in. So we're talking about local reviews for local businesses. That's really important. The city obviously. What you, what impressed you most about the service next would be who actually worked with you.

Adam:    So if you had a tech or you had an employee or a staff member, it's always great to put that person's name in there. I mentioned their name. Next you want to put in, how do we compare to other services? So if you've tried a, another electrician for example, then you would say, you know, this one was a licensed, bonded and insured. It was great. Or they were super communicative. They called us while they were on the way to our house so that we knew what exactly, what time, unlike other electricians we've had in the past. Got it. Last one is something kind of actually that Yelp loves. So you can use this for Yelp is, is there another any tips that you would offer that anyone thinking about using that business? So make sure to call them early on a Friday and there'll be there by the, you know, Friday afternoon, something like that.

Adam:    Oh, and then last one, add photos. So if you have a photo taken with your cell phone, it has something called exit data. Exit data is data that goes along with every photo that tells crazy, detailed information about where that photo was taken. So the longitude and latitude, it tells 'em the time it was taken. But the most important information in there, yes, go ahead.

Jamie:    It has how you like your eggs.

Adam:    Well, if you take a picture of the eggs, yes, but the, the most important information that Google loves his longitude and latitude. Oh, so no worries where you are. Right? And so if you have a service area business or a business that serves a large service area, more of those are better. So, you know, if you're a solar company for example, and you do an installation that's 40 miles away or something outside of your city that you're in, know your location is Google loves those because that allows Google to understand that you serve and it verifies that you serve those other areas.

Adam:    So if you can get those photos into those reviews, home run question. Sure.

Jamie:    Not the photos. So if you, if the customer takes a photo and it's a high Rez, you know, four gigabyte or four megabyte photo and Google only takes, you know, a 200 kilobyte image, does that eggs fill her eggs, fits this data, how you like your eggs information is that retained in a smaller photo?

Adam:    Oh, of course. Yes. now when those photo limits I have, generally, they're really hard to go over now, so don't, and especially in a review, don't really worry about the size of the photo. Google's most likely not going to turn it down. If you add, but most important, add those photos. Okay. Goo, not just Google for your other reviews too. I know on Yelp that helps you review stick and Yelp.

Adam:    I mean, they don't care what the photo is, the exit data doesn't really matter, but for Google it does. And so if you if you can even ask people, Hey, can you take a photo of our installation, for example, or of the new faucet that we put in for you, please put it up on our page, show them how to do that. You can send them a little you know, step by step instructions or whatever, if as long as they can get that photo onto your Google profile, that's gold, right? And the way your Google, my business listing is set up is you have photos from the business and then of course you have photos from customers. So those photos from customers, those come from the reviews and also directly uploaded to your listing. Awesome. Totally awesome. So we want to make sure that we, it's just so powerful that if you, if you have anyone who can do that, then, especially if you're in a service industry, like, like a solar, you want to have a ton of those up there because you can bet if you're not doing that, your competitors are because they know the power of these.

Adam:    So if you're, if you're serving customers, say you're a chiropractor, then have, if you can, just like with any other business, have your customers or your patients upload those photos. So we want to have a great mix of photos from the business and from your customers.

Jamie:    That sounds great. Easy peasy.

Adam:    It does. Now, as a business owner, when somebody does write a review of cars, what do you do?

Jamie:    Respond!

Adam:    Respond! Bondai that's right. You want to respond and you know, you can put in those key words that you think people are using in your response, those responses. It's been shown that those do help your ranking within Google. So that's awesome. So we want to make sure we respond to those reviews, use our keywords. You know, that's why whatever, whatever makes us the top solar company in whatever County, you know, that, that kind of stuff. Make sure that you, in your responses, you always have some of a few of your keywords. You don't just don't. Thank you. We're the solar company, solar company, solar company, but you know, make it natural because it is going to be seen by that person. They feel valued and validated. So that's awesome. So they'll repeat, you know, you want to make sure that you never leave reviews on replied to.

Jamie:    Well, and it seems a, there's so many, like a hairdresser, for example, if they had 50 clients and 50 reviews, I think they would be the, or a real estate agent. Holy cow. I, it always baffles me when I go into Yelp and search real estate and there's like one review or just, you know, a picture that somebody took with you know, their their, their camera from 1986 and yeah. Anyway,

Adam:    It's baffling to me when I see this in my industry. So you have, you have internet marketing services with no reviews.

Jamie:    Yep.

Adam:    But they're selling it anyway. Whatever. That's the way it goes.

Jamie:    So anything else you wanted to add? Cause I wanted to ask you one last thing.

Adam:    Nope, that's all I got for what makes a Google good Google review.

Jamie:    So last week you did a a webinar on how to do a podcast. How did that go?

Adam:    Ah, that's right. Thank you. We did a great a webinar. It was about an hour. It was an over the shoulder seminar where I went through step by step by step very quickly of course, because there's a lot of steps involved in how people can create their own podcast for their business and bring in new business and establish them as an authority and increase their goop, their ranking on Google. So it was awesome. It was really fun to do it. I'm going to be obviously doing more as time goes on. So if you're a solopreneur, you can do a quick search on YouTube for that seminar. We made it public. You could also just go to our website, magnifiedmedia.com checkout, it'll, you'll see a pop up that'll give you access to that video. Go check it out. If you're interested in making your own podcast, it's never been easier and there's no better time than now.

Jamie:    Beautiful. All right, well that sounds great. Anything else you want to leave us with?

Adam:    That's all I got for today.

Jamie:    All right, that sounds great. So if you enjoy this podcast, make sure to share it out with your fellow business owners. There is a new site called Alignable and boil boy is there. It's kind of networking for businesses, but it's online. So if you're on that, make sure to share out this podcast. So lots of great information.

Adam:    Great. Thanks a lot, Jamie.

Jamie:    All right, and rate and review, of course. Have a great week.

Adam:    Bye everybody.