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What Should I Do If I’m Moving My Busine

What Should I Do If I’m Moving My Business Address?

By Adam Duran.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

Planning on changing your address or adding a new location? Today we discuss the steps you need to take so you don't lose Google rankings and customers when you change or add new locations.

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Don't start with editing your address first, one pro-tip to mention is to make sure your service areas for your locations don't overlap! Here are the steps to take when you are moving your business address.


  • Update your website location/contact page

Once you have decided to move your business to another location, the first thing you should do is update your website location and contact page with that new address. 


  • Update your address on social platforms (FB, LI, etc.)

Next, you want to start updating or finish updating your address on all of your social media platforms. If you have a LinkedIn company page, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, or a YouTube channel, all of these platforms allow you to list your address on them, so update the addresses. 


  • Update your Google Business Listing

Then, you need to update your Google My Business listing after you have updated your website location/contact page and the addresses of all your social media platforms, then wait a few days. The reason for that is, you want to avoid your Google My Business getting suspended. Getting suspended sucks, so try to avoid that as much as possible. 


If your Google My Business listing gets suspended, Google will send a postcard to that new address for you to reverify it. Also, closing down the first location to create another location will cause you to lose all the reviews that you have built up for years. 


  • Add your new location on local directories

Your business is registered to a bunch of local directories. It could be your Chamber of Commerce and all other directories that have your business address. You have to go through each one of those and update your business address. The reason for that is, you want to have a cohesive name, address, and phone number for Google. It helps with your geographical relevance and your authority. 


  • Create a new location page

Moving your business to another location is fine but there’s a better way to do it. We recommend just opening another business location. It’s fine as long as you are able to service both locations. So, on your website, keep your original location on its own location page and create a new location page. The new location can look exactly the same as the original location page but with a change to the address and phone number at the bottom of the page. Then you have to add the new address on all your social media platforms, directories, or wherever your business is listed. It's a little more difficult, but you can still do it. You can have branches or you're gonna have different shop locations.

  • Create a new Google listing

Once you have that new location page all created at your current website, you take that page and you create a Google listing that points to that new location page without losing your original location page.  It allows you to maintain your original location and all of those reviews and all of the geographical relevance for that original location. And then you build up another new location where you, once again, do everything that you did with the original location and get more business. The last thing you want to do once you have all of this, on your original location, is that you might have to change that URL on your Google listing to the original location page on your website, not just your homepage. You have to start thinking of your business as a brand with multiple locations. 


Once you have that new location, you are gonna create a whole bunch of new citations. Register with other directories and maybe do some outreach, press releases saying there is a new location and create geographically relevant content around that location to make your online presence grow. Lastly, you are going to have to get reviews at that new location. So have a Yelp page for that separate location. You're going to have to double your efforts to get more and more reviews for that new location as well. If you have a business, you know how difficult it is just to get those. Those reviews are gold and you may want to maintain them. That is why we recommend opening up a new location if you can.

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