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What Can My Company Expect When Bringing on Magnified Media?

Thinking of bringing on Magnified Media to join your marketing team?

Congratulations, this podcast episode is for you!

We dive deep into what you can expect when bringing on our team, how we integrate into your current marketing department and the benefits your company will soon enjoy.

Jamie:    All right, Adam.


Adam:    Hey Jamie.


Jamie:    Oh my gosh. How's things going today?


Adam:    Today has been a very busy, busy day along with a busy busy week.


Jamie:    Yes. Well, that's you know, that's awesome!


Adam:    That is, I feel blessed.


Jamie:    Very thankful that everyone, you know what, you're good at what you do, and it's not really, what is that your favorite saying? If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.


Adam:    I've never said that, but I'm just happy. Everybody's happy and healthy and able to do what they do, especially my family. So everyone's out today. So that would be a great time to do a podcast. And this one's going to be a little, self-serving.


Jamie:    What?


Adam:    Yes.


Jamie:    That's not what this podcast is about.


Adam:    I know skip it if you don't like it. But actually we've had a lot of this is, comes from me, meeting with companies all the time. And so I said, I thought, you know, I'm hearing the same kind of questions over and over. So why not do a podcast where I answer some of those questions? So today we're just going to talk about what can you expect when you bring on magnified media to work with your company?


Jamie:    So let me set the stage a little bit. So let's say I am a a general contractor.


Adam:    Okay.


Jamie:    And I have a target area of say, Seattle.


Adam:    Okay.


Jamie:    Now I have a good reputation, not great, but pretty good. And a few Yelp reviews, few Google reviews. I would like to increase my online presence and attract some really good clients. So now I bring in Magnified Media, what can I expect?


Adam:    All right. So first thing, if you already have a marketing department in place, right? So a lot of times companies will bring us in, in their marketing department. You know, their, their hackles will rise because they're very worried. When that happens, just make sure or just no marketing people. We're not here to take your job. We're just here to augment what you're doing. So if you're already producing social media content or blog, content, stuff like that or any, anything outside of the, the stuff that we do, don't worry about it. We're going to be working.


Jamie:    I'm confident in my job and my abilities and my results. Why would I be threatened?


Adam:    I don't know. Okay. But my point is, is that we work alongside of marketing departments all the time and actually what they do. A lot of times, they're very afraid, but when they realize that we're not crazy and we're not after their jobs, you know, we're here to make that business who brings us on better, stronger, and help them grow and their visibility and their credibility that helps them actually keep their job. See it works. So, don't worry about it.


Jamie:    I can see both sides. Well, most likely in house.


Adam:    They're not going to have an SEO expert.


Jamie:    They're niece from community college.


Adam:    A lot of times we get into much larger companies where they just, they have a marketing department with two, three, four, or five people, but none of them know really in detail what SEO is. And definitely don't know about Google and Google maps. So they don't know about the visibility part of what they're doing. They, you know, they, they live on the social media part and the blog creation part. So both of those have some value and we're not going to discount those value, that value to that company. So, okay. You asked what happens when they bring us on? We have a meeting, a big, generally we have a, you know, we meet with their marketing department and who, and some other decision makers. And we explain that. We say, okay, here's going to be, here's our domain. When we ask for, you know, website access and stuff like that, we're we're, we are, we need it to do such and such.


Adam:    Nothing that we do is can ever, it's always, we can always change it back. Okay. And we're not gonna go crazy and make, you know, make a crazy website or something like that. So that's the first thing that they should expect is we're not, we're not there. If you're, if you have a marketing department already, we're not gonna supplant that if you don't have a marketing department, we're going to come in and we're going to help you. Basically like we started off every company visibility and then credibility. The credibility part, I think Jamie, you know, that credibility part comes from what?


Jamie:    Online reviews, customer testimonials you know, partner, testimonials, anyone who will say something nice publicly, that'd be great.


Adam:    Yep. Yeah, exactly. We want to get as many of those as we can usually double or triple our, our competitors that way. We take care of that credibility side of the business. And we want to make sure that we're implementing that that's ongoing. So we're always kind of trying to bring in more and more reviews because no, really you can't have enough and you, and that what that does, the offset offset offset offshoot of that is it improves your customer service. So that's really good that actually improves the business as a whole. So if you're focused on getting reviews, that means it'll, you'll be more focused on the customer experience, which helps everybody get more reviews, et cetera.


Jamie:    That's good. Yeah.


Adam:    All right. The other thing is we're going to be working on your we're going to be providing monthly reports or meetings with the decision makers are both the, those meetings usually lasts, you know, half hour. We schedule them out in advance, all that stuff so they can expect that. Uh the other thing you're going to definitely expect is results. So results means phone calls, phone calls, leads through the website, all that stuff, those qualified customers calling your business. And that's what we bring in the question that we are always asked is how long does it take if my business is not in the three-pack in my office for my service, how long is it going to take to get in there? And you know, like everything else with SEO, it depends. So it depends on so many different factors. So it's tough to say, you know, today it'll be, it'll take a week. We've done it in as little as three weeks. And, but then, you know, if it's a new location and they've never had a location in that city, then it could be as, as long as six months.


Adam:    If it's in a really, really competitive sector with hundreds of competitors, which we have, we have clients like that, it can take a lot longer. So it is an investment in that presence. It's a wheel that turns and we're pushing that wheel. And so for some clients, it can be really, really tough. It just depends. It, it sucks to say that I wish it was. I wish it didn't. I wish I could say, you know, set your, your watch on it, but you can't, that's just the nature of the beast. All right. Hmm. All right. So we're going to be helping to build, like I said, credibility, the other thing we're going to be doing is increasing your visibility for the keywords that you want. We'll do keyword keyword research during that first month, we're going to be looking at your business, your competitors, and seeing what keywords that your ideal clients are going to be putting in. So that way we're going to focus on those two trigger maps results right away. So that's what we're going to be doing. We're going to be building content during the first month, you know, 20, 30 pages of content for your site, and then just to get the ball rolling. So that's what you can expect.


Jamie:    All right. Ready for some questions?


Adam:    Bring it.


Jamie:    What, what happens? Why are some of your clients not successful?


Adam:    Sometimes they give up in the middle, right? So they are expecting, you know, we, you know, it's been two or three months and then they're not seeing any progress. And when that happens and it does, you know, I have to always remind them, you know, it's not a light switch. I wish it was you're in a soup. Like, you know, you're in Manhattan, in downtown Manhattan. And like I was, I just mentioned you have hundreds of competitors. It, and they've been there for years. So it's going to take a long time. It's going to take, you know, we're building your authority and your credibility and that credibility part. A lot of times we can't really we can help, but we also need your staff to be helping along with us. So that's, that can happen. And we've had clients break contracts like that before.


Jamie:    So I'm a client and I'm, you know, I've heard you talk about you know, not using pictures that are not their own and, or just not responsive their marketing team, not responsive because they feel you're a threat. Anything like that. Yeah.


Adam:    It happens too. But you know, all we can do is recommend, so we can say, Hey, you know, we believe that your click-through rate would increase if you moved, if you change this photo, for example, and then, you know, the owner or the decision maker can say no, it’s this. And then we go, okay, you know, we, we, we recommended something, you know, as the SEO expert, you know, that, that does kind of go out of my lane a little when I make recommendations like that. But, you know, they're free to take that or not, you know, it's their business event, you know, ultimately they're the decision maker. That's okay. And I understand that.


Jamie:    You know, I've also heard of other friends companies where they, they hire the, you know, their eighth grade daughter to take pictures and put things on Instagram, and then they complain that it's a big waste of time. So why, why would, what's the difference between the daughter or son, you know, someone in middle school and Magnified Media?


Adam:    Well, we don't do that. So that's number one. But also we're going to look at your business and, and let you know if Instagram is really the right Avenue for you to be expecting, you know, go back to your general contractor. Is Instagram really going to be the right app, the right Avenue for you to sell your business? If you're paying maybe, but most likely not Instagram really is is, in my opinion, is for lower priced items other than your $50,000 bathroom remodel.


Jamie:    Not, let's just say, what if they, you know, the daughter, you know, does a Google my business, or I guess that's a little bit out of the range, but, you know, Facebook, Twitter, those kinds of things.


Adam:    Well, we definitely have people who try to do stuff themselves a lot, and I've had listened to those listeners of this podcast, come back and say, Hey, yeah, I tried this, this and this. And it, it works so totally for those people who want to do this themselves. That's one of the reasons we started the podcast.


Jamie:     Yep.


Adam:    Go through all these, do it yourself. You definitely can. If you have time to do that, that's great. If you can hire somebody to do it great. If you want to come to us, that's great too. All of those scenarios, I'm totally fine with, there's plenty of business out there for us. And it seems like you know, every month our company's growing and growing and growing, even during COVID it's, it's it's pretty great. But like you said, you know, some people think that their, you know, their teenager can do this. Great, good luck.


Jamie:    All right. Yeah. Anything else?


Adam:    That's it. You want to make sure that Oh, one last thing is we, people ask, why are your contracts 12 months? Basically it goes back to the light switch. You know, it's not a light switch. We need time to get that ball rolling or get that wheel rolling. And once it does, you know, the benefits are immense, but you have to give us time to do that. And that does give us time. We do a ton of workup in front, and then, you know, that, that work we get results, definitely down the line.


Jamie:    That's why we do it. All right. Well, great. I, my company, Solar Harmonics is a five-year client of Magnified Media, something like that. So w w I can, you know, I've written many testimonials, many things on Yelp, and I think it definitely Magnified Media that for what they're charging, which is peanuts compared to what they should be charging a one day, Adam's going to wake up and realize he needs to just don't charge me this, but charge everyone else. He could, he could easily charge 10 times, but he won't listen to me. And he keeps, keeps prices ridiculously low for what they're able to deliver and increase our business online and increase our, you know jeez. So thank you very much Magnified Media. I know there's countless other companies that you've helped and awesome. Plenty more. And so you know, let's keep the podcast going.


Adam:    All right, we're going to wrap it up there. Nice. Sounds good.


Jamie:    So if you do know a business owner or that would love to learn more about SEO, but you know, if they have three or more employees, that's a good match. You know, single person employees generally don't have the budget for something like this, but anyone else just go ahead and refer this podcast over. They can actually learn to do this on their own. And other companies can hire Magnified Media to actually do their SEO and marketing and become a critical piece of their growth and sustainability.


Adam:    Nice! Love it!


Jamie:    So make sure to rate and review and share this podcast. Thanks very much, everybody!


Adam:    Have a great day.