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Why Building Your Online Presence is Better Than other Advertising


In this week's episode, we discuss the benefits inherent in building your online presence over traditional advertising platforms like print, television, and radio.  

Wondering how you can get more qualified customers?

This is the podcast for you!

Jamie:   All right, Adam. I'm excited for another podcast.

Adam:   Woo. Me too, Jamie. Thanks man.

Jamie:   Excellent. I'm so excited for this new topic.

Adam:   Why is that?

Jamie:   Cause I thought of it.

Adam:   Actually. Yeah. Jamie and I were sitting discussing this show and I'm actually okay then Jamie, what's our topic for today?

Jamie:   Well, can I give it two seconds of, or may have 10 seconds of background? Of course. All right. So as a business owner, you know, we're just bombarded with, you need to advertise here type of you know, company. So either it's direct mail or TV or billboards or online or anything. So what my question for the expert is what works, what actually not just views or clicks or impressions or what actually turns into business.

Adam:   What actually, well, first comparing the two, of course I'm biased, right? But comparing the, making an online presence, comparing that to advertising on TV or advertising on radio or in newspapers or magazines, it's no question that online advertising or creating an online presence is way more money, way more effective and way more money back into that businesses pocket. And how we can tell that is actually over the last five, 10 years, you can see bigger business or all businesses actually migrating more towards online advertising as opposed to every other form of advertising. And the reason is is because they're waking up to the effectiveness of it. You know, the more people cut the cord or stop ordering their newspaper delivered or stop reading magazines, the the, where are you gonna where are those eyeballs going? They're not closed. They're actually going to the internet. So you have to go where the eyeballs are.

Jamie:   Well, and that certainly makes sense. It just seems what just of all the different advertising sources, someone with a fully unlimited advertising budget what do you think number one creates the most customer response? And then two, what do you think creates the most actual dollars in the pocket of the business?

Adam:   Well, if you look at the most expensive ads in the world, of course you're going to talk Superbowl fun. Are those the actually the most effective? If you can afford to drop $1 million on a 32nd commercial and not really know if it turns, if it moves that needle for you, then that that's great for you. I love those kinds of businesses. I wish I had one. But because we're talking about local SEO, we want to make sure that this is definitely the most useful podcast for those owners. So we're kind of, you know, we'll move away from Superbowl ads and, and just do local when we're talking about local Y there's a number of reasons why online building an online presence. That's what I'm, I'm trying to couch this in the correct terms. Building an online presence. That would be Facebook page, website Google my business listing. Those are the three main things. Make a Yelp presence. That's, that all encompasses your online presence. So when we're talking about that, we want to, the effectiveness, that ROI on those is definitely way more than a radio ad or a TV ad and it's backed up by numbers.

Jamie:   I'll also say, you know, the online customer is someone who actually may be a customer. I'm interested in talking to, you know, if somebody is responding to a newspaper ad for example that may not be a good match for my business. Why is that? Well you know, they may not be so open to new technology. You know, my company's a solar business and so they may not be open to new technologies. They may not be open to wanting to save money or save the environment or save any, you know, they just kind of, you know, want to keep things the way they are. So if they're supporting that, that newspaper, and so that's, that's a little bit contrary to my, I'm not saying all, but in general if I was going to invest in a newspaper that is just wall to wall ads where, you know, your, your message gets lost among the thousands of other ads that are in there. I'd say it's, it's, I've never seen the sense of it. So but advertising, you know, in newspapers are declining of course, but they don't need to be they could move to online. But

Adam:   I think, I think what you're getting at is when you have an online presence, you have a builtin qualifier. And that means that your, your customer is qualified, they're self qualified, right? Because number one, they're on a mobile device or on a computer. So that kind of a, that eliminates a whole section of the population that probably might not have enough money for that service or for your service. So that funnel narrows down. So it comes, it starts off with anybody and everybody, and then it narrows down to, okay, somebody with a, with a phone or with a computer that assumes a level of money available to spend on stuff, which is super important.

Jamie:   And here's another one too, is that my online presence is almost all in English. And so I generally attract people who can speak English because if I were to bring in, you know, somebody that only spoke, say Cantonese or Mandarin, I don't necessarily speak those. So it would be difficult to actually be able to sell to them. And I don't know if I'd feel confident actually selling to them.

Adam: Yeah. Well, I mean there are definitely, you know, that's a strength and a, a strength of another business. Maybe you don't, I know I've been to trade shows. I went to a trade show weirdly or strangely for me anyway for an imp hearing impaired trade show where we walked into a hall with my daughter and full of people and it's completely silent. Wow. And there was a solar company there who did solar, especially for hearing impaired clients. So that's cool. That was very cool. And eye opening. So I think that that's kind of, that narrows that funnel down even more so that, that's neat. Creative, creative. Yeah, I do too. One of the things that also the advantages over any kind of traditional media we'll say is you get large reach at low cost. So that's super important. When you create a webpage or you create a, your Yelp presence and add photos to it and stuff, it doesn't take that much time.

Adam:   And whatever you create goes out there and it lives forever or as long as the internet is going to be around. That's really cool. The other part as opposed to a newspaper ad or something like that is you have a measurable outcome. So if I put an advertisement out there or I'm building my online presence, I can see the growth of that presence by the metrics that are available on each of those platforms. That's super cool. This is also great if we say we have a, a series of Google ads that we have that we are, we're paying Google for. We can see which of those ads are higher performing and which are lower performing. Then we can eliminate the lower performing ads and go with more of the higher performing ads on TV on any other medium. That's impossible. So that's another great thing about, you know, having an online presence is you can choose to put more of your efforts into the ones that are bringing in that you can see the results for and so you can maximize those results. That's pretty cool.

Jamie:   Yeah, I could not agree more. Because whenever you meet with a marketing person, they say you're wasting your money on advertising. If you do not have a call to action or especially like a coupon or a discount program. Well I'm a business. I don't necessarily want to discount my services. I work really hard. So you know, there's people that respond to coupons and then there's people that, you know, the, you know, so, but that's really their only way of measuring the success of the ad. And so ad that's drawing them in or is it the discount that's drawing them in? So it's a Oh fishy for me, but so I completely agree with you know, different kinds of ads and being able to measure that. So for your solar company, no Groupon in your future, that'd be fun. We did look at a Amazon an an Amazon cancel that big. It was too difficult for them to get into that business.

Adam:   Okay. Then lastly, the other one that I want to talk about is,uthe targeted audience part of all this. So when, when we put up, when we do our Google presence, when we take care of all these things and we get higher up in the rankings, you know, we have our visibility taken care of and then we have our credibility taken care of. So we have online reviews, all that stuff that differentiates us from our competitors. The customers that do contact us, the ones that pick up the phone and say, Hey, can you help? Those are the ones who are, who are qualified and they've gone done their research and they've chosen you to serve them, to do whatever service you have. And those are the customers that we want. The ones who've done the research and they've self qualified so they know the money it's going to be involved. So it makes the, the actual conversion of that lead way easier. So talking to them, you know, you're at, Hey, you're an educated customer. That's awesome. Thank you for finding us. Thank you for educating yourself. And now let's, we can proceed without me having, or you having to be convinced because you've already done it. You're looking for that service. You're actively searching for help. That's, that's,uthat's why this all works. The credibility, visibility, and then obviously that leads to serving those people more and more of them,

Jamie:   Which also leads to more credibility when they write an online review.

Adam:   Right? And so all of this in traditional media, those are, those are all the things that lack, you know, if I see a commercial on TV or hear it on the radio, I can't tell if that business was, is a five star business. I can't tell anything other than what they're saying. And so that's, that's a lot of trust for me to pick up the phone. So that's a, that's the other reason. Having an online presence is just such a no brainer. Awesome.

Jamie:   All right. We're coming up on 11 minutes, so we're not in the local SEO, so it's my fault, my fault. I've had problems with too many questions.

Adam:    That's okay. That we got to everything that I wanted to talk about. It is a no brainer. I, that's my last word. This is a, if you're going to be making a business or if you have a business and you're still on the fence for some reason, these are the reasons you need to take care of your web presence because all of that leads to more qualified, more people calling you, willing to do business and will looking for your service. Awesome.

Jamie:   Perfect. All right, so if you enjoyed this podcast, make sure to share it around other business owners, especially like if you're in a networking group we really appreciate it and review us. You know, of course five stars because it's the best podcasts out there. Almost bet the best one second best filler. That's right. And so yeah, I don't have any final words.

Adam:   Well, that's it. Thank you very much. Everybody have a great day.