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Why Content Marketing is Necessary to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

By Joseph M.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

Clients often ask "How can I get more visitors to my site?" One of the best answers is to start publishing content: content that is specifically targeted to solve the needs of your customers. What service do you offer? What problem do you solve? Why is this important, and why do you need to start doing this now? Read on intrepid business owner, read on!

When search engines like Google scan your website, they use robots to crawl through text. The more text that matches the keywords your audience searches for, the higher you’ll rank as a result. It’s important to structure titles of Blog posts as queries that your target market will search for. One of the best practices is to find out what people are already searching for. There are many ways to do this, but the most effective by far is by using keyword planners. Google adwords offers this service for free. Once you find what people are searching for, all you need to do is create content about those keywords.


We recommend creating content about your business's services as well. One of the best ways to drive local business is to target your local audience by engaging them with the name of their city. Having a content article about Window Washing is great, but having a content Article about Window Washing in Denver Colorado is even better!


Google rewards websites that are rich in content. Gone are the days when 300 word articles will do their trick. Today, Google’s web crawlers look for authority websites. The best way to become an authority website in the eyes of Search Engines like Google is to create content-rich articles that are 1000 or more words. Having a few of these articles will help your improve your SEO and web presence immensely. The sweet spot for the most organic traffic is between 2250, and 2500. After 2500 words, organic traffic starts decreasing. Like all things, excess is never good. It’s important to find a healthy medium.


If you create content articles relevant to your niche then you will see an increase in web traffic. Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but turning them from website visitors into clients is another. Magnified Media specializes in simplifying websites by clarifying your message. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, schedule a demo with us!

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