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Why is NAP Important in Local SEO?

In this episode, we talk about the importance of your business' NAP - Name Address and Phone Number!  We promise, it's not as boring as it sounds, and getting them consistent across every platform is vital to your search ranking! We give you tips on where to list your NAP, citations to build and resources for cleaning up your online presence.

Another fun one!

Jamie:    Ooh. All right. Local SEO in 10.

Adam:    It was a pretty weak one. Woo. Woo. Come on.

Jamie:    That's it. I can't do it anymore.

Adam:    You got to do the Rick flair. Woo. All right.

Jamie:    I can do in my Morgan Freeman.

Adam:    I don't know. I don't know if that matches, but okay. Thank you. I guess. Welcome to another episode. I'll take over of a local SEO at 10. I am not the host. I'm the expert, Adam and the other guy over there is Jamie. Jamie.

Jamie:    Hello,

Adam:    Take over.

Jamie:    All right. All right, Adam, look, the last few weeks have been very, very exciting, very interesting. And I've input. I've implemented almost everything and seen tremendous results. So yes. Good. Yeah, the listicle podcast probably is the best one yet that.

Adam:    I know it just went under the radar. I don't know why I I've. I've held back on talking about those for a while.

Jamie:    Well, every, every person listening here needs to go back and listen to the listicle podcast. That one is gold. So I'm sure you have some platinum and diamonds for us today.

Adam:    That's right. I do. Today we're going to talk about NAP.

Jamie:    Oh, my favorite. I love naps.

Adam:    I didn't say naps.

Jamie:    I'd love to take a nap. How about that?

Adam:    Yeah, me too. It's an acronym for your name, address, and phone number. And I know that sounds like a big snooze Fest. However, if you just wake up crazily, this is one of the top ranking factors that by independent studies that people have shown is really, really, really important. And it's not just your name, address, phone number. It's actually what we mean is the consistency of your name, address, and phone number in multiple places. So super, super important. If you've moved your business a lot you have different phone numbers that have changed. You need to get a handle on all of this all and every directory listing that you're listed on and make sure that your nap, your name, address, and phone number at least are the same. So why do you think that's important, Jamie?

Jamie:    Google loves consistency.

Adam:    Whoa, that is right.

Adam:    So Google is an algorithm. We all know that when you confuse Google, I've said it before, you're going to lose. So if you have different phone numbers, different addresses, different zip codes any of that kind of stuff, Google is gonna be confused. And when Google, yeah. Even if your name is a little different. So whenever we take over with a client, we always make sure if number one, that their name and address and a phone number that's on their Google listing. That is extremely important. And we use that going forward. So where do we put those? So that name, address, and phone number. Where do we put them? Definitely.

Jamie:    Google My business.

Adam:    Starts there. Your Google, my business, the next place on your website. So on the footer of your website, if you're a one location only business, then you want that name, address, and phone number.

Adam:    Just exactly how it appears in Google on that. Google my business listing. You want to have it exactly like that. And your footer, if you're a business with multiple locations, we've talked about that before. You want to have different location, specific pages. And on that specific location page, you want to have the name and address and phone number of the same, Google my business listing. Just the same it as, as it is there. If you, you don't want to put multiple names and addresses and phone numbers in your footer. Okay. So it makes sense.

Jamie:    Oh yeah. It seems all pretty basic.

Adam:    Uh well, you'd think so, but there's a, we see all the time where we'll take over our client and they will just have a page listing all of their locations on that page. And what you're doing to Google is going blur, choose one.

Adam:    And when Google has to choose one, then you're, you're messed up. They're not going to, it's not going to do any help, not going to do any good for you. So you want to have a little box. If you have a PO box, that's fine, but not for your Google, my business. They do not accept mail boxes or a PO boxes. So you want to have a name, address, and phone number. If you're a service area business, you can have your you know, your general location. Like if you're in Walnut Creek, California, the famous Walnut Creek you can have it there. You can have that listed, but definitely name, address, phone number on your website, footer. If it's one location on your location pages, if you have many locations, the next thing, once you have that, you're going to go onto your local direct directory listings.

Adam:    So a local directory listing would be, what do you think?

Jamie:    Uh Yelp.

Adam:    Perfect. Yelp is one your local chamber. If you're a member, their name, address, phone number, no mistakes. Facebook is another directory weirdly. It's another high domain authority, location, Twitter, Instagram, all of the basic ones, those big giant ones. But then also you want to go to a local or smaller directories, like even a wipey.com that they people use that I don't know why, but they do. And there are tons of services out there that will help clean up your nap. So if it's, if you have, if you've moved a lot, you've closed and opened different locations, all that stuff, I'm doing this or correcting your, that, those citations, those places where your business is listed can be a giant task. So there's a bunch of places can go to do that. There's Yext, which is a monthly fee. So you pay that forever. But Yext basically will go in and they will fix all of your name, address, phone number. So they're consistent. But it's a monthly fee. And that monthly fee, when you stop paying, who knows, everything goes back to the way it was. Yeah. It looks like that. And then that hurts hurts. We, yes, go for it. So

Jamie:    If you're using a PO box, because you don't want people to know where, you know, maybe you're working from your home and you don't want your address out on the internet and you just make up an address, is Google gonna come to your house?

Adam:    They will come to your house via a postcard. So actually what we want to do in, in a pre and another podcast, we talked about setting up a virtual office for you. It does fall kind of in the gray area of Google's rules right now. We want, I highly recommend every business has a physical address. Google does prioritize brick and mortars over businesses that have hidden their address. And it's just a good idea to have one it's easier to rank by the way. That's that's the main reason is it's easier to rank. If you have a Google my business with an actual street, brick and mortar address, multiple locations what do you mean?

Jamie:    All right. Say I'm a Chick-fil-A and I have 5,000 locations.

Adam:    Yes. Each one of those locations on your website should have a specific location page. So it'll be Chick-fil-A dot com slash a Walnut Creek. Right? So then that Walnut that Chick-fil-A slash Walnut Creek address. That'll go into the Google, my business website button when you click on that from the Google my business. So it doesn't just those Google my businesses. When, when you have that when you go to that listing and you click on website, you don't want to be taken to the main brand website that homepage you want to be taken to that individual location page that's been made that will strengthen that location in Google's eyes and raise the ranking of it. That location makes sense. Yeah. Okay. One service that we've used in the past it's from a company called web 20 ranker, they will go in and do a citation cleanup of your name, address, and phone number.

Adam:    It's a little pricey, but it's a onetime fee. And they do an awesome job. It takes between three to four weeks to get everything done, but once it's done, it's consistent across the whole internet. And when that happens, when you're consistent, Google loves that because you're not confusing Google when, when you do that. So that's why it's super important as your business grows, you can sign up for more of these directories. You can sign up for more of these citation places and have your name, address, and number listed on as many as you can. So I think that the average is between 80 and 150 for high, the high ranking businesses, at least. Yeah.


Jamie:    Why wouldn't you just Google your business and then, you know, see where you are not consistent and then try to fix those on your own.

Adam:    Ah, you can definitely do that. However, a lot of them seem to be controlled by businesses that the only way you can change them or fix those is by paying them. And so these services that I mentioned, like Yext or web 20 ranker, they have some kind of magic way where they're able to do that. So I don't know what that magic may be, but Yext has a, they've been around for years and their, their model is, yeah, you pay us monthly and we'll make sure to have everything correct. Once you stop paying that all goes out the window. Got it. All right. This is really, really, I know it's a snooze Fest, sorry, but SEO is not all, you know, rocket ships and you know, whatever soundtrack results. Well, this is all. If we take care of this kind of stuff, then it does snowball and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and it gets harder to stop. So that's what I like about it. Once you do stuff correctly, long enough and enough it's it's it just throws off business. It's great. It's it's so cool. It's a flywheel. Yeah. Yeah, sure. I like that analogy too. That's all I got.

Jamie:    Very good. Okay. Well, if you're a business owner and you're listening to this podcast, please make sure to share this out to other business owners. So it's really good information. And then also make sure to review this podcast on whatever platform you're listening to. And we will make sure it's five stars too. And yeah. Anything else, Adam?

Adam:    If you do that, we promise no more wrestler imper, impersonations. I'll switch to bill Cosby. How about that?