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Why Local SEO Matters for Your Business


 In this week's episode we discuss who this podcast is for, why its important and how you can take advantage of the tools available to reach new customers and get the phone to RING!

Jamie:    All right. My name's Jamie Duran welcoming everyone to our inaugural podcast. And we have our SEO expert with us, Adam Duran. Excited to learn all about what does SEO mean?

Adam:    Oh, of course a SEO means a search engine optimization. But what we try and use that term for, it's basically just getting your business found online. And so kind of the idea behind this podcast is to help local business owners. That's who we help with. We help almost exclusively and we've done it for years now. We help their business be found online and it can be challenging for non-experts to understand this language. So, you know, I thought I was talking to my brother who also is a business owner and just talking about how easy it is, but also how, I guess technically challenging it can be at the same time for non-computer people or just basically people outside of this industry to kind of understand a little more about how they can help themselves grow their business online.

Adam:    Because I've seen it with our business. And of course our clients' businesses double, triple and quadruple in size just by taking advantage of what Google and the other basically online platforms give us those avenues to grow our businesses. And we can do it for free or just with a little sweat equity and attention to detail. And then we, we get our businesses going and people see us and then they give us a call. Well then who would you say this podcast is for? So generally if you have a brick and mortar business you need to be found. And so the old way of doing that was we had,
Jamie:    You know, the yellow pages delivered. I don't know if you still get the yellow pages delivered to your house, Jamie. It's my worst day because it's so wasteful and I let them know every single time, please do not deliver. And they still do. So very wasteful and yup. Same thing with all the catalogs and everything. I let them know, please, please stop wasting. I already get your emails. So why would I want this giant book of, of trees that was delivered to my driveway?

Adam:    Yup. Mine goes straight into the recycling whenever we kick it up our driveway. And then but in the olden days, that was basically the only way you could really what people would use to drive around other than driving around just going, Hey, let's try that restaurant. Or Hey, let's try that business. Or Hey, let's try that attorney. One way that they would use the yellow pages for was to find new new businesses that they just were outside of their circle. So of course with the internet now people use Google. I'm sure you can, you've run out of the times that you've had to search for services. You know, if your pipe breaks or you know, your sprinklers are leaking or you have a hole in the roof or something like that I'm sure you don't look for your handy dandy yellow pages.

Adam:    No. And you know, the yellow pages doesn't really even tell you what was the other customer's experience. Yeah, that's true. So, yeah, super important. But being found on Google being, having your business found on Google, that's what we hope this podcast will help you with. So if you're listening now, great first step, just trying to educate yourself on how to get this done and make sure that, you know, you're taking care of all those things that Google needs to have you do in order to show your business online. So of course that would be actually having a group, having a website, having a Google listing, and getting reviews on that listing. Super important, like Jamie said because you want to have people actually you want to have more than one review on your business just so people can kind of trust your businesses.

Adam:    Good. So the, the credibility part, that's what is also really cool about what we can use the internet for. Isn't this important for big businesses to yes, definitely. Yes. if you have a, a large company with multiple locations you definitely want to be a first or found a and then found first on just because now Google has, when it first started, Google a few typed in, you know, I need a payroll service or something like that you would get nationwide listings. Now when you do that, Google first, they ask you right after you type in that term is can we use your location? And the reason they're doing that is because they want to give you locally relevant results. And if you're, if you have a local business like a locally located a location, an office in that area, Google wants to give that result.

Adam:    And so if, if you're a large corporation and you don't have your business or that location listed on Google, it's not going to show up. So your competitors, you bet your bottom dollar, they have taken advantage of that. And so they have, they have created a Google listing and hopefully they've done, they have a lot of reviews and now your phone is not ringing. So that's kind of the scary part of this is if you, if as a business owner or if you have a location in that in a city and you don't have a Google listing, then how are people gonna find you? This is one of the most important things that any location must be doing, must be taken care of right away. Okay.

Jamie:    Well, and it, it obviously makes sense because if I'm a, like a, you know, a Dick's sporting goods or something like that and I want to be found whenever anyone is searching for sporting goods or what if the company is using you know, they don't sell to the customers, they just sell to other businesses.
Adam:    Well those ones, they also need to have a, a Google listing just because if someone, say for example, a care, give me a B2B service that you would search for. Well you just said one a payroll. Okay. So I'm, I'm, I'm, I've a restaurant. Okay. And I just opened my restaurant and I have, you know, whatever, 10 employees, I need a payroll service. Cause I know this is a, I know my personal nightmare would be dealing with this. And so where am I going to look as the business owner for a payroll company? First I might ask some friends but that, you know, I want to get it done now. So what would you think, what would your first step be, Jamie?

Jamie:    You know, I would Google it. Of course.

Adam:    Yeah. Okay. So nine D, nine times out of a hundred you would Google it. And the way Google, like I said, works, is that it looks for local results first. And so you need to have a local result, a local listing. So that way when someone searches for payroll or payroll company that your company will show up, it result. Now if it shows up, that's great. That's the first step is creating that listing. The second step is getting reviews on that listing. And then so that way you have built your visibility and you've built your credibility where things start getting more complicated. And kind of what I want to explore through a subsequent episodes is what happens when you're in, when you have higher level competition, what can you do to make sure that your business is more visible. So it appears in the Google three pack, which we'll go into an into on a upcoming episode, but also you want to make sure that your location is the no brainer choice and what we say, what we, what I mean by no brainer choices.

Adam:    If your competition has 20 Google reviews that are all five stars, we want to make sure that you have 40 or 50 so that way our clients or you listening to this podcast, you would make sure you would have at least double, triple would be great of your competitors, triple the amount of reviews that they would have. So that way it's a no brainer choice. When someone who doesn't know you but they know your service, they've looked, they found you on Google, so they would immediately pick up the phone. And that's how that works. Because everyone nowadays is pressed for time. They're not going to be going and searching, looking on everyone's website, doing any of that leg work. You know, what's crazy is that this is all built on websites, but more and more people and more and more studies are showing that the importance of the website is diminishing.

Adam:    It's way more important for your phone to ring is, are you found? Do you have a lot of reviews and not just on Google, but we recommend reviews on other platforms that also helps your visibility and your credibility. So those are the things that kind of we want to go through on this podcast. Help local businesses, offices and locations, brick and mortars with those two things with their visibility and credibility and basically getting through, going through each one of these steps. We'll make sure that you can do this on your own. You can put in the time to do it. And when you do, when you take advantage of all that, those points that Google gives us to do, so you will be the your phone will ring. That's basically what this all comes down to is you're going to get qualified clients who want to do business with you. And instead of you calling or cold calling or cold emailing or doing all the other kinds of stuff that annoys people. This, you have, it pulls people into your business. It's great. I love it.

Jamie:    Yeah. It's crazy that people would waste so much time, energy and effort with direct mail and cold calling and you know, business networking meetings and the, and all of those things when really if they had a solid online presence, if there was a demand for that product, people would actually search them out rather than the business, you know, pulling the, you know, and wasting so much money and time on these really ineffective ways of marketing and business.

Adam:    Yeah. Yes. And even if you are doing a direct mail and you're doing all these networking groups, all that stuff, people are still gonna check you out, check out your business online. And so do you want to have them? I know I've had similar experiences where I have personally recommended a lawyer for example, and then had my friend come back and say, you know, there's nothing online about the person you recommended. How can I give them a call? The next it's too big. It's too big of a risk for them to do so. And so I say, you know, well, you know, so-and-so is really, really good. And then my friend comes back with Wells. If they were good, they would have reviews online or have, you know, more than just a website. I need more in order to, for me to waste or risk wasting my time calling that person or calling that business that's gonna be able to trust. Yeah. That's what this is all about. Building visibility and building credibility and trust. Yeah. And trust. It all comes around.

Jamie:    I want you to recap who is this podcast for them? Go [inaudible].

Adam:    This is for

Jamie:    Offices or for businesses, sorry, for businesses and companies that have a local presence first. Those are the ones that are going to benefit the most from this podcast. Hey next. What will this podcast explore?

Adam:    How you or how someone in your staff or how anyone can take advantage of all the tools that the internet gives us. So we're going to be talking about Google. We're going to be talking about Facebook. We're going to be talking to how, how they interplay together. You can take advantage of a whole bunch of free tools that they give us to help us build our visibility and credibility and profitability.

Jamie:    All right? So that's, is that why this is important for people to know?

Adam:    Yeah, it is. [inaudible] Because if they don't, so if they don't take care of this, their competitors will. And I know I've been in many meetings where someone has said how do I know this is important? And it's tough for me to prove that your phone doesn't ring because you're not doing this. But we can all imagine if we're looking for a service and it doesn't show up on Google, how am I going to find that service? So proving that negative is pretty much a no brainer, but I've had to had to say walk people through that and it just makes sense. So this is how we all search now and this is how we can, through this podcast, we'll show you how you can take advantage of that

Jamie:    And where, where should people go or business owners go if they want to contact you for more information.

Adam:    So we have a Facebook page, it's called Local SEO in 10. It's on Facebook, just search for it. And for future episodes, if you have a question, feel free to message us through that page and we'll get right back to you. Probably on a future episode we can answer one of one or more of those questions and go from there.

Jamie:    All right, well make sure if you're listening to share this podcast out or among your business networks, definitely share it out on LinkedIn as well because this is a really, really important for businesses to understand and you'll be saving them tons of money where there could be wasting it right now. So thanks for the listen and a look for the next podcast step. Hopefully next week.

Adam:    Thanks a lot everybody. All right, have great day.