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Why Local SEO Matters for My Business


With people having easy access to the internet on their computers and their phones, it is important for small businesses to understand the importance of relevancy through search engine results. Local SEO marketing caters to all people, making it easier to market products and/or brands targeting various groups of clientele.


Local SEO ensures businesses are shown as top choices through search engines, leading to higher profits and steady customer interaction. Though being a top search result is based on an algorithm, customers tend to choose businesses, products and websites that are shown in the top three to ten spots. With this information, businesses can choose to use local SEO tools to ensure their businesses are seen by potential customers. 

It is also important to understand the different types of SEO marketing strategies. The two types of SEO strategies that are seen most common are local SEO and organic SEO. 

Organic SEO is a marketing strategy that promotes all types of businesses but does not focus on local businesses and services. Some examples of this are:

  • Search results promoting commercial dispensaries (eg. Harvest SF, Cookies LA, Exhale Med Center)

  • Search results promoting major dispensary chains (eg. High Expeditions, Great Northern Cannabis)


Local SEO is a marketing strategy that promotes local businesses and services through search results. Some examples of this are:

  • Search results promoting specific local cannabis dispensaries (eg. The Apothecarium, Grass Roots)

  • Search results promoting small local dispensaries (eg. Bloom Room, Harvest on Geary)


Although both of these marketing strategies are useful, local SEO marketing strategies have a bigger impact on local businesses due to the proximity of the search results. 

Marketing to various groups gives businesses the option to stay local or expand, but in order to properly create an online presence, small businesses need to focus on building a strong search result probability,

Need a Digital Marketing Firm You Can Trust?


Magnified Media is an digital marketing firm specializing in online marketing for businesses and small companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Based in Walnut Creek, California, we are their trusted outsourced marketing solution, focused on doing three things: getting them more online reviews, getting their business seen and creating content for their social media platforms.  Focusing on these key areas for our clients means they can run their business without worrying about when or where the next customer is coming. If you are in or around the communities of Oakland, Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Livermore or San Francisco, we can help.  We help build their business through reputation.  Interested in seeing what we can do for your company? Schedule your free Online Presence Audit now.

Why Local SEO Matters for My Business
Why Local SEO Matters for My Business

Proudly offering services as a Website Designer, Advertising agency, Marketing consultant and Marketing agency to Walnut Creek and the surrounding communities.

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