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Why Should Your Business Start Issuing Press Releases?

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of Press Releases for your local business.  These aren't your grandparent's press releases, these are press releases for SEO! The benefits are many; getting high quality and high authoritative natural links back to your website gives your site LINK JUICE! Link Juice helps skyrocket your site's rankings, so go get some!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey Jamie!

Jamie:    Here we go again.

Adam:    That's right time for another exciting episode.

Jamie:    It better be exciting. Cause I've had a long day and I need something to pick me up.

Adam:    You can do all the wrestling impressions that you'd like at the end.

Jamie:    All right.

Adam:    I think I just pressed the depress button for Jamie. Okay. So today I wanted to talk about something probably most business owners don't even really realize it's pretty powerful. And for local SEO, it's, it's an, it's a must and that is a press release. What a press release. Yeah. Like those guys, you know, you see those little kids from the twenties going extra, extra it's not like that anymore. Actually media companies around, around the nation and around the globe you know, they learned one of the valuable things that they have to sell is their domain authority.

Adam:    So that means the authority they've built up for, by having a website for so long where a lot of people go to that website every day. So that power, we call that link juice and those media outlets sell space on their websites to a lot of different in a lot of different ways. And one of the ways that you can do that is with a press release. So those are, and so in the SEO world, those are really, really valuable. Okay. Follow me so far. Do you have any questions at the beginning?

Jamie:    Many questions, but I'm sure you'll get to them. So I'll keep my questions to the end.

Adam:    Right? So one of the things like we're talking about link juice, right? That's the, the way that, that sounds awesome, the way that Google one way they rank your website is how many websites are linking to your, your website and then how strong are those websites?

Adam:    So the more the more of those links that you get, the more link juice and the more your business or your website property will rise in the rankings. And so that's why it's really important, or it's really valuable in local SEO. You want to, you want to actually buy these press releases every few months, and it's just a standard part of your marketing budget. Okay. So when they, when you do that, you're going to get what it's called. They say you get a high quality and high authoritative authoritative natural links back to your website and also to your Google, my business page. So those things together when you get those natural sounding links, that point back to your website, boom, you can see right away, they'll have an effect on your local websites ranking. And then, you know, those are authority, media links.

Adam:    And there, now that you've, once you've done that, you can always write on your website, Hey, I've seen on ABC news or as seen in the wall street journal, or as seen on, you know, Vox or Fox news or whatever, all of those places sell space in press releases. So you can definitely do that. And then yeah, you can always say, Hey, we were on these places. That's why, whenever you see that on the internet, you know, you'll see it on magazine or on websites all the time as seen on whatever, whatever you have to realize it's paid, they paid to be on there. Okay.

Jamie:    Yeah. All makes sense.

Adam:    Now, one caveat to all this is, if you are in a vise category, you know, gambling, CBD, hemp, you know, that kind of stuff, you're not going to be able to do this. It's just that those press releases for those industries are really, really they're there tightly guarded secret, and they don't just regularly. You're going to have to find another way. So if you're in those businesses, you know, message me and I'll give you some hint, some good guy. Well, because it's it, they're not cheap, right? So the more scarce they are and the more powerful they are that, you know, that's just the way it goes. But press releases, you can buy and you can buy them in groups of 50 or 150. You can do 500, you can do 700 there's tons of places on the internet where you can buy press releases. And well, I'll try to choose one. So how do you choose one? I like to look at them. I've, I've been through a ton of different, different ones and seeing, you know, their, how F how much they affect rankings.

Adam:    What I like to see are ones that offer guarantees. So I like to get our clients on Google news. So Google has a news page, and if you can get on there, that's all awesome. So I love, love, love to to use the ones that are Google news guarantees. So if you do a quick search on the internet, you can find those. And a lot of times you don't even have to write the press release. They they'll write it for you, and they're pretty affordable. So don't, don't be too scared. Okay?

Jamie:    I'm not scared.

Adam:    Well, a lot of our clients are what you want to realize. The most important thing that you're going to realize you should realize is humans. Don't read these. So that's number one. When you see a press release, how many people have seen, you know, read one, not many. These are mainly for Google's juice, that link juice. So don't do stress too much. You can say, you know, opened a new location. Something like that. That's always good are offered to the new service, you know, new teeth, whitening service at this at a discounted price, anything like that. It has to be in quotes, newsworthy. So you can, you know, you can be creative when you do have a, when you do start looking and you find a press release place that you want to go with two super important things. You want to remember one, you want to include your Google maps link, and there's an episode. And on our website, you can just type in how to check or how to find my Google maps link. You want to have that link and then you also want to have, and a link to an inner page of your website, not your homepage. Your homepage is already going to be, have a link to it when you set everything up. But you're, you basically are given usually two links. And one of those links to your Google maps page, the other one should be to an inner service page of your website. So that way it's spreading juice all throughout where you want that juice to go and not just wasting it on your home.

Jamie:    All right. Yep.

Adam:    Makes sense. All right, that's fine. Alright. We're going fast. How often should you be doing these?

Jamie:    Quarterly.

Adam:    Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Quarterly is fine. The reason is, is because a lot of times these press releases those news organizations. They'll put them up and they'll take them down. Cause they know if they leave those up there, they have basically given away that link juice. And so they always, always, always are taking them down. So you put them up and then you wait 30 days or 45 days, and those links will disappear. So if you're in a new business, you should be doing this pretty regularly. Cause it'll that link juice will slow down and then you'll do it again. And it'll speed up again. So yeah, quarterly is a great idea and it takes, you know, from start to finish probably three weeks from ordering until finish of the order for that to happen. So, you know, plan accordingly.

Jamie:    Okay.

Adam:    All right. Last thing you want to do. So at the end, when you get a list of all those web properties where your your press release was distributed on, so all of those websites, you can make a website on your page, aren't on your website you know, in the press kind of thing, and include those links and what that does. It reinforces the bond that Google is looking for. So it's it's, it's good to give those links a reciprocal link back to that. So that way Google indexes them and then gives them, you know, it reinforces that power of those links.

Jamie:    Sure.

Adam:    Okay.

Jamie:    Reciprocal.

Adam:    Yes. That's always a really big, these are really good for fast results for new businesses. So we always start off every one of our clients, whenever they come on board, we're doing that press release right away.

Jamie:    Very good. It seems like a good way to get some link juice going right away.

Adam:    Yes, then that's it. That's all I got for the press release. Yeah, unless you got questions. Okay.

Jamie:    Oh man. Do I have questions?

Adam:    Oh geez. I thought you were asleep. Okay.

Jamie:    No, no. I was, I said, I'll wait until the end. So there are agencies. Do you recommend partnering with one of them for press releases?

Adam:    Yes. So what happens when you go to a specialist? So there's tons of them on the internet. So look for guarantees. Like I said, I like the guarantee for getting on Google news. And you can buy, you know, credits with them or you can just buy as you go it's okay. But you want to have, you know, you can look on Fiverr for these. You can look on legit, you can just look on Google, you know, press release. You don't want to go to like a PR,

Jamie:    Oh, okay. That's fine.

Adam:    Those are, you know, that's actually weirdly a different that's a different category there. They are actually putting those press releases in physical newspapers. Yeah. I don't, I don't know why who reads those.

Jamie:    I know,

Adam:    I guess by law, a lot of them, but these are press releases for the web. Okay. So you can just, you can look up, press releases for the web.

Jamie:    That makes sense. Because yeah, if I went into the PR agencies, I know, and I said, I need some link juice. I'd probably have me arrested.

Adam:    Yeah. It's, it's interesting when you, and I've definitely spoken to many former, you know, of those kinds of agencies and they don't understand. So that's why it's not the, it's not the guy running down the street, you know, the little kid and whatever Knickerbockers or something. That's right. I got it right now. That guy, you know, it's not like that. This is 100% about link juice for Google.

Jamie:    Got it. Yeah. Very good. Very good. Well, that's one question. Hey, we're at, we're at the local SEO in 10 and we're at 10 minutes, 37 seconds. So, all right. I will wrap it up there and please make sure to share this podcast out with anyone that you know, that is really trying to build up their visibility out on the internet. Yeah. Because this is how they can compete against everyone else that is competing for that business. So make sure to review and leave a five star rating and we will talk to you next week.

Adam:    All right. Thanks a lot everybody! Have a great week.