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Why Your Business Needs

a Newsletter


In this week's episode, we discuss the benefits an email newsletter can bring to your local business.  Remember, keep it short, meaningful and entertaining, include GIFs, links to your website articles and links to places where you need reviews (no direct links to your Yelp page)!

Jamie:   All right, Adam.

Jamie:   Hello Jamie!

Jamie:   All right. Another episode of local SEO and 10 hour things out in East Contra Costa County.


Jamie:   Well, we're still under the shelter in place. So I think I've driven my car a total of two times, maybe in the last week or so. And doing a lot of exercising and trying not to get really fat.


Jamie:   Yeah, yeah. That's a Covid spread. I think it's going to be the next health crisis.


Adam:   The coven muffin top. That's what I, I read it. Oh my gosh.


Jamie:   But at the same time you're not eating out as much or at least we're not eating as much. So

Adam:   Yeah, definitely. But keeping along with the theme of the shelter in place, not working in your business, but working on your business today. I wanted to talk about something that I think every local business needs to start or improve. And that's their newsletter. Yes. Newsletter. So a newsletter can do a ton for your business. So today we'll go through just some benefits of doing one on a regular basis and how to do them. So they actually bring you more business. Okay.

Jamie:   Are you talking the paper? Old style mail stamp, stuffing envelopes, newsletter?

Adam:   No, the paper airplane. But..

Jamie:   Now when I get those in the mail still.

Adam:   Yes, I don't understand those. But anyway, what I'm talking about obviously is the email newsletters that we all get. And the reason we get so many, and the reason we we get them is because they're effective. I think our email, email address alone they calculate it as is at least worth at least $8 per person for your email address. And that means the reason is obviously is because when we get those emails, we check them out. And if it's something that interests us, it leads to a purchase or it leads to an another bigger purchase, which is really important for local businesses. Okay. Interesting. So one of the first things we want to do is when we have a newsletter we want to have some kind of email capturing system on our website. And that means not just having a subscribe to our newsletter, little thing on your website, you want to have some kind of giveaway, something that you can, that you know, that your prospective clients are looking for.

Adam:   So that way when they come to your website, it pops up and it says, Hey, would you like this ebook or this a PDF about how to do such and such. And that way they give their email address in order to give get access. And so what that does is you're not asking someone to marry you on the first date you're, you are. That email address allows you to build a relationship. So over time when you're sending out those emails, you are keeping in touch with that prospect. So keeping reminding them that you're still in business, reminding them you're still going and that you offer these other services. So eventually if those people don't unsubscribe, you know that you're still giving them content that they enjoy so that they value. And that means that that could lead eventually to eight a sale where they're coming to you for, to fulfill that need or they're even recommending you to their friends.


Jamie:   But most places, most you know, you have to get their permission and meaning that they have to hop in and there's some serious, you know, regulation and laws about just [inaudible].

Adam:   So when you have that pop up on your on your site, you should definitely you should have a little checkbox that says, I understand that I will be receiving a newsletter for this. Also, when you send out your newsletter, you're going to use a platform. You're not just gonna do a mass BCC to everyone. You're gonna use a platform that allows people to unsubscribe and that will in America anyway, will protect you. If you're in the European union, you will have a separate email that says, Hey, I am a, I want to receive this. But the same kind of the same kind of unsubscribed feature. It's common in every email newsletter system that that's out there. Just don't, don't send a BCC email to everyone. Cause actually your email provider could Mark your email address as spam or your whole domain as spam.

Adam:   And so that can actually hurt you forever. So we don't want to do that. We want to use a a platform. But first, so what are the great things about an email? A newsletter is one, keep in touch with prospects. That's great. Another one, it's shares you can share important updates about your business. The other one provides valuable information that positions you as an expert in your industry. So having a podcast does that, of course. So does having a newsletter that has a, that's full of important information, that also builds trust and loyalty. And the thing that I like about the email newsletters the best is it allows us to educate our current clients about other services that we provide. They might not be aware of the other things that we can do to help them help them. So an email newsletter every time we send one out, we end up with multiple sales from our current clients who say, Oh wow, I wasn't, I didn't know that you guys did that.

Adam:   I really want to hear more since they already trust us, it's an easier sale to make and it also adds value to what you're doing for them. And so that's a win win for everyone. So I love it. I love email newsletters. Okay. Okay. So how do it the best? So there's some best practices. We touched a little, a few of them. You want to eat, use a platform, not your email address. You want to use your platform like MailChimp. That's the biggest one. What do you mean by mail? It's a, it's a, basically it's an a way to mass email people and schedule out newsletters. So MailChimp is a grid one. Okay. There's a bunch of them on the market. You just want to make sure that you test out their features. Definitely I prefer MailChimp. Wix, if you have a Wix site, it comes with an email newsletter functioning and that's awesome.

Adam:   Either of those, any of any of the ones, they all are basically the same. So what you want to do though, you want to make sure that your email is short, meaningful, and entertaining. So short meaning if when you have an article for example, that you think is important that you've written on your website, that you want to share with your email subscribers, you want to just have a snippet of their, you know, the first three sentences of that article and then a read more button so that read more would push that customer or that, that email newsletter subscriber to your webpage where they would read that article. Google tracks that. So that helps your SEO. It's great. The other thing we love to have our gifts. So funny just that jifs are those moving animated like cartoony things that are all over the place. You can, all of those email platforms come with a way to integrate GIFs into them. And so just, you can use those gifts just to, as a humorous way to make your email funny and entertaining. And

Jamie:   Do you have to get, I know you've talked to in previous podcasts about, you know, just grabbing pictures off of the internet. Are you, is, I imagine it's the same process with the animated gifs that somebody owns those, right?

Adam:   Yeah. The GIFs are a weird gray area. So the good one I generally try and stay away from anyone who's famous just out of personal preference cause you know, obviously I don't have the rights to that. It's weird because this is a gray area. So for some of our clients we create the GIFs for them. We'll say to the client, Hey, get in front of your you know, your your iPhone camera and take a video of you dancing, doing a happy dance or something like that. So then we can create a GIF from that there. There's apps on your phone that can do that too. And actually those are the ones we recommend most are ones where it's personalized, where you have the, the client you know, the owner of the company smiling and waving, Hey.

Adam:   And, and every month changing that up, of course, making it entertaining. So. Okay, another thing the last thing we want to have on that that email newsletter. So you have your gifts, you have your intro, you have your articles that you've written from your website. We also want to have a link or two to a place you would love to get a review from that, that client. So it acts as a reminder. You want to make sure though, be very careful. W if you're linking, you don't want to link, don't want to link to your Yelp page. So Yelp tracks those as well. And if it's a direct link to your Yelp page your review, it most likely is going to get filtered. So if you're going to put a link to Yelp, you can do it to the main page and just have a little, you know, Hey, search for us on Yelp and give us a five star review or review us. Don't even say, give us a five star review. Just review us, review as to Andrea. You can do that. Same with Google if you want. You can, Google's not so sensitive about this at the moment. So you can do a direct link to your Google maps page or where else you want to have a review next door, how's wherever. So those reminders are really valuable to your business and can help cause all those. All of those reviews are just gold.

Jamie:   Sounds great. 10 that's anything else you want to leave us with?

Adam:   Nope. That's all get doing, get to do in your newsletter. It will help you. And during times like this where businesses are closed up, this is still a wonderful opportunity. If you built up your email newsletter list, you know those subscribers, if you've done this for a long time, you know, you can have two, three, 4,000 people that you can be sending this to and getting in front of them and showing them that you're still around and you're still in business.

Jamie:   Well, and I think doing it regularly. So how often does somebody have to write, you know, would you recommend they do a newsletter

Adam:   At least once a month? I tend not to do. Yeah. So there are some industries that they want once a week. If you're in the skincare industry, you know, you're offering specials, stuff like that. So anyway, it depends on your business. But I recommend just at least once a month and just to stay top of mind or refresh that customer's you know, knowledge that you're still around.


Jamie:   Nice. Great. All right, well that's great. Great information. As always if you are listening to this podcast, we ask a favor. If you can rate us just like we've asked you to rate your, have your customers rate you but rate us on the platform you're listening to definitely give us five star rating and then even more important, share it out to any other business owners that you know, we really appreciate it.

Adam:   That'd be great.