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Why Your Business Should Have a Podcast?


 In this week's episode, we discuss the many benefits starting a podcast for your local business can have: instant authority, content creation, relationship building and tons more.  


If you are under a shelter-in-place order, it's time to work ON your business!

Jamie:   All right, Adam.

Adam:   Hello Jamie. How's everything going?

Jamie:   Great. I'm just excited for another local SEO in 10.

Adam:   Me too. I need an escape for my kids. Go in bananas. Oh, they are sheltered place.

Jamie:   They're quarantined?

Adam:   One is and the other one is plotting to break into different places so he can just play tennis. Yes.


Jamie:   Interesting.


Adam:   We need a, I need a tennis court in my backyard, not a swimming pool. Uh


Jamie:   He could work on that, I'm sure.


Adam:    Yes. Okay. So actually today that's, that's kind of what I wanted to talk about is what, so with the shelter in place that we're going through right now, it's a, it's the beginning of April in 2020. So this is the time where I recommend all business owners, if they are sheltered in place, this is a great time for them to work on their business. And so continuing along that, that train of thought we wanted today to talk about why your business should have a podcast.


Jamie:   Make sense? I have one. Yeah.


Adam:   Yeah. You have one. Why did you decide you wanted to have a podcast?


Jamie:   Well, since my business is solar and there is just a thousand different things that can go on with a solar panel system. So we, we educate our customers more than we sell. And so I thought it'd be a good idea to break the solar business up into bite size pieces and do a weekly podcast to give out that information in a, you know, a drip rather than a fire hose.


Adam:   Yeah. It also, what you're talking about are getting around the edge of is you become the authority just by virtue of you having a podcast, you become the authority in that niche or that industry. And then this, by virtue of having a podcast, you're creating a relationship with potential clients and customers who will need your service in the future. They actually build a relationship with you so that once they actually reach out and talk to you, they, you've already established that trust with them because they've listened to one or 20 of your previous podcasts. It's a great way to build a customer relationship, even though strangely you're not doing it one on one. When you have a podcast, you're doing it one on many and that can only help you in your business grow. So that's one great reason. And for a, I know for Jamie's podcast, it's been a great, it's, it's been a great way for his future customers to educate themselves about the world of solar without some guy knocking at their door or sitting on their couch say, and sign this contract now.


Jamie:   Yeah, it's been a very beneficial as well.


Adam:   Yeah. I, I, but what I also wanted to go through today is the other uses that we can, we can take that podcast and we can, what we can do with it and how it can you as a local business can use that podcast to grow your business. So it's great. So I'll go through a few reasons why you should do this or what you can do this podcast. It's content. That's number one. And who loves content? Business owners. Google, Google loves content. Thanks for listening. Anyway, Google loves content. And so when you're speaking on this podcast or when you're doing your own podcast you are creating content that can be used on your website and that is amazing. It's much more difficult to sit down and write an article than it would be to prepare like we do and then speak to be interviewed like we're doing right now about your niche and about your your subject. So once you have that content done, once you have that podcast finished, there are a number of services that will transcribe your podcast. And there's, there's a bunch, there's some that are super cheap and some of course you can pay, you know, a virtual assistant or something to transcribe your podcast. That way you can take that transcription and now you have a ready made article for your website. And that is gold.


Jamie:   That sounds like a no brainer,


Adam:   Right? It is. And that's why we started our podcast. This is a great way because when we're talking about local SEO, we want to be populating our website with tons and tons of articles and pages about our subject. And so if I say the word local SEO, that means on the transcription, when we create the page for this podcast, it's going to be there. And that will help because Google, when they go, when they index that page, they'll see the words local SEO and that'll help our website's authority in local SEO. So when somebody types that in that will help with our authority on that subject. So you just don't want to do a podcast, you know, talking about whatever your, your, I dunno your a keyboard or something like that. You want to talk about your subject and you, and that will populate that transcription with a lot of very, very important key words that Google will use to rank your site.


Jamie:   Yes. And it also you know, it's new content as well. So it's something that you're, you're continually adding to. So it's not just a one time blog post or something that I know, Oh God, now I gotta write another blog post. This is something that is relevant and it's timely and it can be used to add new content as you're going along.


Adam:   Yup. And Google loves that! So all our, all the social platforms, they all love fresh content. And so consistently adding to your website, adding, adding content to it also helps with your ranking within Google. It's just has to be quality content. And that's what these podcasts are doing. A podcast can help build is quality to your website. So that and that helps make you an authority. And when you're an authority, that means Google is more likely to raise, show your page, to serve your page to others. That's what we want. So how do you get started? So for us we searched around first we were doing a podcast and manually and it took a lot of time. Now there's a great app on your phone. It's called anchor and it's A N C H O R just bought by Spotify. It's a free way to do your podcast and start an account there.


Adam:   It's really, really easy to do it all on your phone. Once you do it on your phone a little a few times, then you can start getting, you can start getting used to it. Then you're probably going to want to invest in a higher quality microphone and some more better equipment because it does make a difference. And you know, you're going to Trump, there's going to be some bumps along the road, but you can fix those and then you'll have a quality podcast sound wise, which is a really important, Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah. What's next? Next, of course, you're going to have to have a Facebook page, so you can choose to have your business Facebook page, your, your original business Facebook page. Ha have these updates or you can just make one strictly for your podcast. And then whenever you share out whenever you have a new episode, you'd put it out there and then share it on your business page.


Adam:   Once you do that, you probably want to have a LinkedIn page. If you're, you know, you're in the financial services or a professional industry and do the same thing. So that way you're sharing out that podcast to your network of people. And then they're sharing it out to their friends or their referral partners or anything. What we use our podcast for also is whenever we have a potential client, call us, talk to us, we present an audit to them, we end it with, Hey, if you want to, if you have any more questions, this is also a great resource that we recommend. So that way it's relationship building even after the call. So that, that's really good. And you know, we always end, you know, maybe we're not the right fit. If we're not the right fit, that's no problem. If you want a second opinion, you can always come back to us.


Adam:   And by the way, we also have this other great resource that's free that you might be interested in, so that podcast can help. It helps in a lot of ways. And so when we were thinking about for Jamie's podcast doing this, this was the, the reason we started for our podcast here, this is the reason we started as well. This is a great thing. Great time. Now is a great time to start doing this because if you have, if you're sheltered in place, what better time than now basically to start something new. To work on your business and to start offering your future clients some, some more ways to build trust with you and loyalty and grow your business.


Jamie:   And it sounds like it's free. That's free.


Adam:   Yeah, it is mostly free. You know, the equipment can, I mean, I think my microphone was about 50 bucks. So that's not a lot. We pay a transcription service you know, less than I think five bucks per podcast. It's not a lot of money. And it's, it's, it does have a ton of benefits.


Jamie:   Yeah. what are your thoughts on getting it onto YouTube as well?


Adam:   Yeah. I, I know that there's services that do that. It's just on YouTube. It's, YouTube is a visual medium, and so you, if you're not having something visually up on that channel like, you know, flashing pictures or movies or something like that it, it doesn't help your your SEO on YouTube so much to have content that people check out for only a couple seconds and then click away. So, YouTube, they measure your YouTube channels. How long people watch it. And so if Google, or in YouTube, if they figure out that people are only clicking in and seeing two seconds of your content and then leaving, then they're gonna, it's not gonna help your SEO, especially within YouTube, it's actually going to do the opposite. So that way when you do put out interesting content less people will be likely to see it.


Adam:   So that's, that's a good question. But yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing the YouTube route. I'd recommend having it on your website, have a Facebook page and then sharing it out like that to your networks, inviting people to grow it that way. That's probably the best way to do it.


Jamie:   Okay, good. What else?


Adam:   That's all I got for today about this topic. It's obvious that having a podcast, the content that you create here, you know, the way our format is, it's only 10 minutes long, but that 10 minutes in a year, how many hours of content have we created? And then you can even take that content once it's transcribed and make it into a book like an ebook. And you pay somebody to edit that and then now you have something of extreme value that you can even use that on your website, you know, as your pop-up offer for getting people's email addresses. You know, you can publish that. You know, you can do a lot of stuff with this, with this content that you're going to be creating. So think don't think of this as a onetime I'm doing it and it's gone. Think of this as one time that I can use in so many different ways. You can use your podcast in your newsletter as well. So there's so much you can do with this. So it's, it's great.


Jamie:   And then from the book you can option it to the movie and then it started optioning off the movie rights, you know?


Adam:   Exactly. That's the real plan. Damn JV, you figured it out.


Jamie:   That's right. Well, you know, think big. Think big. Who would not want to watch the blockbuster local SEOin10? I think Keanu Reeves.


Adam:   Steven Seagal baby, he's coming back!


Jamie:   And Jackie Chan, they've never worked together.


Adam:   This is the greatest screenplay I've ever read. Who wrote it? I did that. Steven Seagal baby!


Jamie:   They are looking for a new Batman too. He would be perfect.


Adam:   All right, we're going to wrap it up for today. Thank you very much.


Jamie:   All right. Thank you everyone. Make sure to like this podcast, share it and make sure to review it on wherever you are listening to it. Thanks very much. We'll talk to you next week.


Adam:   Bye everyone.


Jamie:   You know the photo, we'll take electric solar panel look much, much better. But anyway, this is a huge, huge topic and maybe I should've split it up into two podcasts. But bottom line is really electric heat pump, variable speed pool pump. Enjoy swimming, enjoy the pool without the guilt of, Oh my God, how am I gonna pay for this during you know, when we're in lockdown. So like I said, your kids could be swimming in a, in a swimming pool and about 18 months, if you start right now.


Adam:   Just one question. Can they play tennis in that pool?


Jamie:   I've seen volleyball, that's all the great training is place. Excellent strength training in it, in a pool.


Adam:   I think I'm just gonna visit ya.


Jamie:   You can, well you can't. Shelter in place. Sorry.


Adam:   Can't we just sneak into your backyard when you guys are sleeping?


Jamie:   I need to, I've seen some treadmills and swimming pools too and that'd be awesome.


Adam:   Oh, I've seen people with the weights like with you know, taking the weights down there so you run across the whole bottom of your boat.


Jamie:   We know a guy who does the cold plunge during the pool right now is about 60 degrees. So it's not super freezing bad at that fat freezing enough, get in there. But that's what I talking about. Start thinking about making a more efficient pool. But it all started, you know, solar harmonically with solar power.


Adam:   Awesome. Great. All right, any last thoughts before we wrap it up?


Jamie:   Pool Bazaar. It's going to get hot and if you have a pool make it more efficient.


Adam:   Yeah, it seems like, yeah, we're, we're going to be entering the, especially in Northern California. That's super hot seasons coming up. Yeah. Great. Good one. Good one, Jamie. All right, so we're going to wrap it up today here at this point. So if you have any questions for a episode of straight talk solar cast, make sure to go to our Facebook page, like that page, and then you're welcome to send us a message. It's straight talk, solar cast. And if you're happen to find yourself on Apple iTunes, leave us a five star review. That'd be wonderful to hit that subscribe button. Share it with some of your friends. You know, someone out there is considering or actually thinking about their PG and E bill right now and just going, Oh, what am I going to do? That's the person that will be thanking you for the rest of their life for sharing this podcast with them. So do that. Come back next time. Talk to you later. Everybody.