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The diverse public art from well-known artists around the world in Yerba Buena Gardens can confuse, delight and intrigue. A glass ship comes from the earth, a bronze statue welcomes visitors and with your aid comes a robotic sculpture to life. Tribute to the Ohlone Indians and Martin Luther King Jr. inspires and celebrates individual differences. Take a YBG art tour and create new memories of San Francisco.

Yerba Buena 's guiding vision was that of an authentic neighborhood: a diverse blend of uses and electoral districts in one new city center. The project was developed in a district that once was challenged and architecturally and programmatically incorporated into the city. An inclusive process led to the completion of a variety of different projects that didn't neglect the finances, esthetics or priorities of the project or neighborhood.

Yerba Buena Gardens welcomes people of any age and history to engage in events. The Esplanade is the public center of the central garden, which connects the complex project with the surrounding blocks. More than 120 cultural activities take place every year. This site has a bowling facility, skating areas and cultural activities for teens, and the children's innovation center with innovative programming. A complex ramp and waterfront system, which has views, links the restaurants and cafes in the surroundings with the green areas, and with the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial below, as well as with the Yerba Buena Arts Centre. The main entrance of SFMOMA to Third St. is associated with the attractions of the garden.


The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency SFRA, community activists, dedicated building builders, old and new cultural institutions and municipal partners built Yerba Buena Gardens for four decades.


The Shaking Man at Yerba Buena Centre


The Shaking Man's sculpture is a friendly public art salutation in the high gardens across from the Moscone Convention Centre. Visitors to the Yerba Buena Centre. The bronze statue of an entrepreneur appears to be vibrating to another dimension, created in 1993 by artist Terry Allen. The man has his case, jacket and tie, but there is a grave problem in science fiction-he has several legs and a variety of extra right hands fanning and prepared for an appalling hand shake. The man has his handshake. In innumerable greetings the fingers are burned.

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All of these wonderful locations are located just a short drive from our location near Downtown Walnut Creek, California on Locust Street. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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