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As indicated by Yelp, I descended here to eat. I saw that one of the specials was Teriyaki Chicken. I mentioned to see the chicken, as I had eaten here previously and had sworn then not to eat here once more. At any rate, she demonstrated to me an entire chicken bosom.

When I got my dinner the chicken was cut-up and it was secured with vegetables and the vegetables were secured with a type of a gelatin looking sauce that was clearly not heated up adequate. I returned my lunch to the workplace. I took the main nibble of chicken and it was only fat. I took a gander at the remainder of the pieces and they were additionally brimming with fat. When I took it back she knew why I returned and said that many individuals don't care for the dim meat chicken????

She said she will revamp it for me and give me the chicken bosom, I reluctantly consented to it. I saw her go to the fridge and return and toss something into the microwave. I couldn't perceive what it was, however whatever it was, would go into my food???? She guided me to take a chomp directly there and there was another client there gazing at me. I truly did not want to do that as I was somewhat humiliated, yet I took the nibble in any case as she was enduring me to.

I said that I didn't know, I get it is alright and I will returned whether I didn't care for it. Well I return to work and the chicken tasted acrid and the crisp natural product was masterminded with the goal that I couldn't see the opposite side, the organic product was dark colored. I called her and she said in a guarded tone, "No profits." I disclosed to her that I was not coming down to return anything. I just called to reveal to her that I was not going to eat at her bistro any longer. She said that that was fine.

I gave this spot the advantage of uncertainty too often just to be ripped off every single time. I paid $9.25 for a feast wherein the main thing that was fairly eatable was the rice and the a few bits of the infant estimate vegetables that she tossed on to the plate. In addition to the fact that I paid to no end, I killed my noon running forward and backward and I am as yet eager. :(

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