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Youtube and Local SEO

In this episode, we detail exactly what you need to maximize your YouTube videos to improve your local business search results on Google. Don't forget to Tag Your Location,  Link Your Business In The Description - Include Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone),  Add Your Google My Business CID, and Embed Your Video on Your Website.

These are the big ones, but check out the podcast for some other great tips.

Jamie:    All right, Adam. Woo. Hello, Jamie. All right. I am excited about today's topic. Oh, me too. Why are you, so why are you so excited? Cause I thought of it. Of course. Okay. So let me okay. Here what's today's topic then Jamie. Well, let's see. Youtube is a pretty big search engine. Yes. It's owned by Google stand to reason that I should do a lot of YouTube videos in order to help my SEO.

Adam:    Yes. And for local SEO, it can actually prove pretty valuable. And there's, there's some reasons about that, but you know, what is, there's a joke it's pretty lame, but here we go. What is Google love more than money?

Jamie:    Google.

Adam:    Correct. I think I've said that before Google is in love with Google. And what that means is if you use a Google property too, and then Google sees that you're using that property, it gives that very high domain authority. So it gives some kind of link juice to that property. And we can use that to pass that link juice onto our local business. So there's a whole bunch of ways to do this, but today what I wanted to just go through is talk about how you can use YouTube to boost your local SEO, because it's most likely not something that your local competitors are doing.


Adam:    And if they are, it's, it's very, very slim pickings. So it's pretty easy to stand out and it's, it's also really, really important for you to do to boost your local results. Okay. Alright. So, you know I know that getting in front of a camera can be it can be tough, but if you have something to say, if you're a local business, I highly recommend you start getting into the habit of producing content and producing content for YouTube. So once you do that once you have your video, you can, you know, say, you know what? You can interview yourself, for example, why did you get into this business? Why, you know, why do you do what you do? Talk about your, you know, your unique selling points, all that stuff. It really, it matters of course, because someone's gonna see that video.


Adam:    But once you do that, there's a lot of little things that we recommend that you do to make that video, help send juice back to your website and then thus back to your rankings within Google. Okay.


Jamie:    Google loves Google.


Adam:    Google loves Google. That's very true. So one of the things that we want you to do is,uonce you make your video, you're going to have to go through a whole bunch of stuff like, you know, your description. And then some other stuff, one of the most important things is you want to geotag, you want to put the location of that video. So,uthat means your business location. You know, as a local business, we already, you should already have a Google my business. So if you type in your business name into that location, it'll pop up. So that's one thing you're tagging your name, the name of your business and your Google, my business in that video. It makes sense?


Jamie:    Yes. I'll save my questions for the end.


Adam:    Okay. Here we go. Next thing you want to do is have in the description, you're going to have some links that link back to one, your website. So that's really important that, so that way you're making the connection between your Google, my business at YouTube video and your website. So that reinforces those connections and it helps with your ranking. The other stuff you want to put in there is your nap. Your nap is your name, address, and your phone number. And I also recommend that you put in your hours of operation. So, you know, Monday through Friday, whatever, whatever your Google, my business already says, you can just copy and paste that right into that description. You have thousands of characters that you can put in there. So take full advantage, put in your name, address, phone number your hours.


Adam:    I would also put in your some directions. So driving directions from some local places. So some local landmarks, and then the last link you will definitely want to put in there. It's called your Google, my business C I D. Okay. What does that stand for? Customer ID? So actually what this is, it's a big, long stream of numbers and it's, it'll be in your address bar. So it is a little complicated to get that Google my business CID, just Google. How do I get my Google business CID? And you'll, it's like a three or four step process to convoluted to go through on a podcast. But you can definitely, like I said, three step process, four step process, very easy. Put that link in your description, along with a link to your business website the last thing or other things you wanna do is you can embed that video that you just put up on YouTube back on your site.


Adam:    So if you have location pages, or if you have anything about, you know, some kind of expert authority building article, you should put that, that video in there. So Google kind of keeps track of that as well. What you're doing is once again, re reinforcing that association. So those are some super easy or super, I guess, meaningful and impactful things that you want to do for every video. Last one I wanted to mention is this is kind of a weird one. When you make that video, you know, it's on your computer, sitting on your desktop, it's going to have some crazy name, like a whatever, five, four, 10, 25 dot M P four, or whatever him and mov or whatever, change that to your Google category name. So if you are a you know, a plumber you would just put and your city, so plumber, Stockton and then you can have something, the video, you know, how to fix our faucet or something like that.


Adam:    But you definitely want to have your category and your city name in there in that title of that file. So that way, when you upload it, Google is keeping track of that, the name of that movie that you just made and in your description you know, you want to use it, obviously you want to use that information as well. So have a, the title of your video then your city name and your category that, that alone will make sure that whenever someone searches for that service in Google, one of the results will be a list of video or videos, which is awesome. And like Jamie said, Google is the second biggest search engine. So we want to take advantage of that. Okay. All right.


Jamie:    Yeah. That makes sense for all of that.


Adam:    Here we go. Your questions are waiting, go for it.


Jamie:    Alright. Biggest one is you know, since this is going to be a representation of your business, what kind of budget would you say you need to put together? I mean, imagine it's like a TV commercial, but you don't want to spend, you know, $10,000 on a commercial that, you know, six people are going to view. So does it make sense or, you know, what are your recommendations in terms of the content?


Adam:    So there's two audiences when you're creating content. One is Google and one is for people. You just want to keep that in mind. If you're going to be creating content for people, then of course you, it's better to make a lot of nice looking videos. You can, you can, but nowadays people don't mind if the video is entertaining, if it's if it's entertaining, that's all we want. If that increases the view time, and that's what Google keeps track of, or YouTube keeps track of. So you don't have to spend tons of money. You can just record yourself. One of our clients is a plumber and now he's recording himself fixing stuff. And when he's, when he's in a client's home, he gets their permission. Of course. And then he just has a tripod and he records himself fixing, and he turns back to the camera and says, yeah, I'm doing whatever, whatever.


Adam:    And then the video fast forwards when it's boring. And then he turns back to the camera, says, okay, this is what we're going to do next. He makes jokes while he's doing it really, really nice. Finally, he started doing them and the more he does them, the more people love them. It's and it's perfect for what what he wants. He wants lots of local people to know who he is. So that way he is their go-to plumber. So even though he's giving free advice about, Hey, this is how you fix something, he's also being entertaining. He's building a relationship, all of that stuff. So it does, but it doesn't once again, it just doesn't have to be a, you don't have to have a camera crew out there with you with lighting and stuff. You can just use your iPhone. You know, if you want to get slick, get a tripod you know, that it does not have to be, you know, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars. Sorry, my videographer friends.


Jamie:    So my, my extremely high standards would not be appreciated in a YouTube where I have cars jumping multiple buses and you know, roll bars and stuff like that. No, not that that doesn't necessarily. Okay.


Adam:    No, sorry. It depends if what you're selling, but yes, I would, for local businesses, you don't have to get super slick, but there are people who do, and, you know, so look at your competition level you know, he's a plumber the other plumbers in his area that aren't doing any of this. So that's a really great differentiating factor. If you are in an industry like you're a real estate agent, you know, they are pumping money into beautiful houses and beautiful tours. And so, you know, look at your competition. If they are spending tons of money, then you can think about how you want to use your money effectively to counter that. Very good.

Jamie:    Well, that's all the time of questions that I don't have time.


Adam:    If you have one, sorry, if you are like Jamie and you have super high standards, I recommend searching for animated video production. So you can go on Fiverr or other places and you can get really nice animated videos done for you. If you're, you know, you're embarrassed and don't, you know, you have to write the script, you know, 300 words or something like that. You can get those done for like three, 400 bucks. It's not that they're not expensive. They're not crazy expensive. And it is content people. It will be entertaining. And that's good too.


Jamie:    All right. That sounds great. Any final thoughts? I have a thousand more questions, but I will gladly submit those on our Facebook page and have you answer those offline.


Adam:    Alright. That's all I got for today.


Jamie:    All right. Very good. Make sure to share this podcast out and let people know that YouTube is a search engine, as well as a place where people post their crazy videos and make sure to rank and re or review and rate our podcast, local SEO in 10 wherever you got it, it really helps our ranking. So with that, we will see you next week.


Adam:    See you later party people.