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Picnic areas: 

On an elevated platform overlook, there is one reservable group picnic/barbecue area and several individual barbecue picnic tables spread throughout the park.


Good to know: 

Baldwin Park has been a gathering place for the homeless in the past, and the seating areas of Port Chicago Highway on the western side of the park are sometimes used by members of the local homeless population.




  • The Concord Senior Center

  • Preschool classrooms

  • A childcare facility

  • Dance studio

  • Basketball court

  • Basketball field

  • 4 bocce courts

  • Baldwin Dog Park

  • Children's play area


Baldwin Park is huge and beautiful. The dog park has enough size, especially on the large dog side. Almost all of the people who come here are friendly and polite. Dog parks, in general, can sometimes be complicated places. For a lot of different reasons, of course. Baldwin doesn't deserve some of the criticism by some visitors who are not really from the area. These issues are not unique to Baldwin. For the most part you'll find a nice park with nice people and nice dogs. Keep in mind that watching your dog and encouraging its better behavior is a recipe for success when socializing. And the same goes for people. A little consideration goes a long way. This is a nice place to enjoy being outside and exercising your pet. Please remember to pick-up after your dog do their business. And don’t forget to have fun with your fur-babies.


Overall, this is a great dog park, for the most part the owners and dogs are also great! It does tend to be a little on the soggy side in the morning. But in this park, you’ll definitely gain new dog lover friends. 

Baldwin Community Park and the Concord Senior Center
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