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How to Use Google's ‘Suggest an Edit’ Feature

By Adam D.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

If you are a business that sells services locally, appearing in Google Maps Local 3-Pack is THE most important thing you can do to increase phone calls, leads and customers. Due to its limited space, Google only shows what it believes searchers want to see. Unfortunately, some parties use spammy web practices to game the system and appear in Google's Maps 3 Pack. These actions are costing real businesses money by taking up prime real estate. In this article we explain how to use Google's 'Suggest an Edit' feature to generate more sales by helping ensure your business gets into Google's Maps 3 Pack.


Want to join us in the fight against spammy Google listings in the Maps 3 Pack? Here's how to get started!

What is the Google Maps 3 Pack?

When customer searches for your service on Google, if you are extremely lucky (or are working with a great agency!) Google may display it in the Google 3-Pack. Many times your customer's search will begin and end at this point.  The Google 3 Pack lists 3 "businesses" that Google has determined are good results.  If your business shows up in the 3 pack and has many five star reviews studies have shown that this results in more phone calls.  More qualified leads result in Google 3 Pack placement than any other organic result.


Sometimes however, shady businesses or lead generation companies create a Google listing in order to game the system.  Using the Suggest an Edit feature on Google can help deter those spammy listings and help your business be seen.  Here's how to use this powerful feature.

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"More qualified leads result in Google 3 Pack placement than any other organic result."

How to Use "Suggest an Edit":

  1. Login to your Google Account

  2. Click on the business you would like to report.

  3. Click on “Suggest An Edit”

  4. Choose whether you want to help Google edit some business details or remove the business.

  5. Depending on which you chose, you can edit details, or choose the option of why you would like the business removed from Google Maps.

  6. Click “Send”


After following the above steps, you will have successfully reported the fake listing to Google and in doing so your business is one step closer to becoming part of Google's Maps 3 Pack. If you need more help, please refer to Google’s support page or contact us anytime.

Website Designer - Walnut Creek - Google

Choose "Select an Edit"

Website Designer - Walnut Creek - Google

Choose "Remove this place"

Website Designer - Walnut Creek - Google

Click on "Spam, fake or offensive"

Why it’s Important

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers read online reviews, and 85% of people trust them just as much as a personal recommendation. So, a lack of user reviews on Google and other crowd-sourced review websites like Yelp, or ignoring consumer reviews as a potential marketing opportunity means that a company is excluding a whopping 88% of the buying community.


The 3-Pack ranks in the #1 position in 93% of Google searches, according to a study by seoClarity. This makes the 3-Pack an absolutely essential location for your businesses because it quickly reveals to searchers that you are the most relevant, especially when combined with the right review profile.  In other words, it provides an at-a-glance snapshot of your business in a busy world where people making buying decisions based on a) whether they can find your business at all and b) what others are saying about you.


A study by Search Engine Watch found that 68% of searchers prefer the local 3-Pack, 27 percent prefer the organic results below the 3-Pack, and only 10 percent trust paid search results. As you can see, if only one of 3 spots available garners 68% of all searcher’s trust, the 3 pack is an absolute must.


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