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3116 Oak Rd. Ste F, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

As per Yelp, This area has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am as yet vexed and its been 6 hours since my inadmissible, ill bred administration.


I have been to numerous Subway areas throughout the years yet this areas administration is out and out scornful, inconsiderate and mock the client.


The short, all around supported, Latin young lady ( a lady wouldn't act that way) I didn't see her informal ID that is the reason I am being illustrative with Black rimmed glasses should be selected for the most noticeably terrible client administration grant.

She was embarrassing, woofing orders at her collaborator who I began my request with (Subway works in a sequential style) I could see the main counter lady with clogged pore wear clearly was new or was not prepared right. Likely the mean young lady with the dark glasses prepared her.

"You don't put 4 triangle cut of cheddar on the Turkey Wrap and flings 2 cuts back in the compartment. At that point the mean young lady assumes control over my request poses a similar arrangement of inquiries. I reveal to her I need everything. "Indeed, even jalapeno's" yes I need Jalapenos. She doesn't push ahead hanging in the balance to get every one of the sauces I state again I need. Everything. Dark rimmed glasses gets absolute discourteous with me" I can't go any more distant I heard you I'm Waiting" I am stunned how she just proclaimed what ever she felt. I reveal to her I didn't think you heard me. She at that point begins to overlap my wrap. I disclose to her where is my Turkey? This young lady so affected doesn't put meat on my turkey wrap. She never possesses her mix-up and goes on a rage, at that point proclaims additionally deigning corrupting objections to the poor lady in the zit wrap. I couldn't tolerate it any more. I tell dark confined very much fed Latin young lady."

You don't criticize your collaborator before supporters. There is currently a long queue of clients. She keeps on remarking on how "Right" she is guarding her terrible conduct. So I simply tell dark encircled glasses " you are so right in light of the fact that clearly to must be correct" and she is as yet talking. Presently I'm simply overwhelmed at the conduct I've proceeded onward by then to another worker to get rung up. This person scarcely lifts his head. I am the place is the director he says "she isn't the administrator" which means dark surrounded glasses. This young lady is currently smiling, ridiculing and giving me a neck roll.

I need to state dark surrounded glasses in the event that the proprietor and supervisor don't FIRE you, at that point you keep up your damaging discourteous conduct.


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